OneVPN Lifetime Subscription on Sale for 89% Off at $49.99 [Deals]


OneVPN has a sale right now for lifetime access to the service, at 89% off at $49.99 USD in our Deals Store. The service allows users to surf the web anonymously, with access to over 60 servers in 21 countries, offering unlimited bandwidth. OneVPN is based in Hong Kong and does not keep logs of service.



  • Adblocker makes ads disappear as if they had never even existed
  • Up to 256-bit encryption ensures your personal information is always safe from prying eyes
  • Anti-malware protects your data & operating system from harmful malware
  • NAT firewall stops third parties from connecting to your device
  • One-Stream lets you access the streaming content you want from anywhere you want w/ ultra-fast streaming speed

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  • NOHoldsBar

    Why are the prices at the store in US dollars if it is your store? Besides. They claim they don’t keep logs yet they don’t have a clear privacy policy.

    OpenConnect is not an ideal starting place for a novice user. It requires a relatively complicated setup process including inputting server domains, passwords, and installing client certificates. To make matters worse, the tutorial on the OneVPN website was actually missing a vital step, which I had to troubleshoot myself. All the config files and certificates are annoyingly stored in compressed .rar format, which means you’ll need a third party program like WinRaR to unzip them.

    Each server you want to connect requires a separate configuration process, making adding multiple servers a tedious process. I’m not sure why OpenConnect is the recommended app over something more intuitive like OpenVPN GUI, which only requires a quick download and import of the server configuration file. It still requires a separate config for each server, but it’s much simpler to use.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    This VPN service is not even listed on thatoneprivacysite’s giant spreadsheet of VPN service providers. That fact alone would make me steer clear as you can’t really compare their services to other services.

  • Maltz

    i bought OneVPN and its openconnect protocol is really good and there is no need to add certificates and enter server names manually as it opens a server list to choose from. App is downloaded and installed in a few clicks, dont know why you found it complicated. . no need for WinRaR or any additional app . i highly recommend to all

  • Maltz

    i signed up for OneVPN subscription a month earlier and its too good guys . fast servers unblock websites and ad blocker for free is very pleasing. i can torrent easily and customer support team is just wow. available 24/7