Ring Video Doorbell on Sale for 13% Off: Free Cloud Recording, Free Shipping [Deals]


If you’re looking for a smart doorbell, check out the Ring Video Doorbell, currently on sale in our Deals Store for 13% off at $199 USD.

Ring video doorbell

This price includes 1 year of free Cloud Recording, normally charged at $3 per month or $30 per year. Also included is free shipping to Canada, which normally costs $20 USD (and free shipping to the US). So our Deals Store allows you to save $50 USD versus ordering directly from Ring.

Ring video doorbell 2

  • 1-way video & 2-way audio for ideal communication
  • Cloud Recording add-on for storing clips to view later—1-year included free!
  • Advanced motion detection system w/ configurable zones
  • Convenient design connects to existing doorbell wiring or runs off built-in battery
  • Easy installation
  • 720p video recording
  • Long-lasting battery provides 12 months of normal use
Ring video doorbell 3

Check out the promo video below:

Ring video doorbell 4

With the Ring Video doorbell, you can now see and communicate with visitors at your front door, even when you’re not home. No more missed deliveries and say goodbye to those pesky solicitors. Ring will make your life more convenient and also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty if someone steals your doorbell.

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  • The ability to see and communicate with visitors at yoru door makes life so much easier. I’m getting one for my grandma who has a knee problem – this would really help her.

  • Dave

    How does the battery hold up during a Canadian winter?

  • Léon

    I kept my eye on it since their crowd funding campaign as it looked promising but didn’t want to contribute at that point because so many failed projects that over-promised and never delivered. So when they finally had an actual physical product I was ready to order. I just wanted to clear up some things with them before because I had some privacy and safety concerns. The video doorbell is connected to your home Wi-Fi but the recorded video is uploaded to their servers (cloud). I wanted to know if it was possible to redirect the recording to a local (home) network or if that option is at least in the works for the future firmware updates. Also, constant upload to cloud would count towards a monthly data limit some people have with their internet provider. Since they ignored my repeated inquiries I realized that they don’t care much about (potential) customer support and so I decided to stay away from this particular product. I like the idea but their customer care doesn’t inspire confidence.

  • Gerard Bendotti

    I wanted local server recording for similar reasons, additional reasons are:
    1. The internet in Australia is pretty poor. Upload speed is pathetic.
    2. Our main “provider” often disconnects your service to give it to someone else. Local recording meas I still get a copy even if the internet is down.
    3. The cloud solution is not free. $3/month or $30/year. I don’t need it.