Roam Mobility Spring Break Promo: Save 25% Off U.S. Unlimited Plans [Sponsor]


Spring is in the air and that means it’s time for a vacation. If you’re heading to the U.S. and want to save on roaming with your smartphone or cellphone, check out Roam Mobility’s latest promo for new customers.

For a limited time, first-time customers can save 25% off any Roam Mobility Unlimited Plan, up to a maximum of 7 days. Benefits of Roam include being able to schedule plans up to one year in the future—so that means you can jump on this promo even if you’re not travelling during Spring Break, as long as you top up before April 10, 2015.

Vancouver-based Roam Mobility has introduced new features lately, which include new Mexico roaming plans, at rates up to 95% cheaper than Rogers, TELUS and Bell. If you want to avoid ‘bill shock’, Roam Mobility can definitely do that for you and your family.

Plus, with a recent improvements to its network coverage, improved reception is possible thanks to the new 700MHz LTE spectrum (band 12). This means better coverage indoors, in suburban/rural areas and existing network band support thanks to the addition of more capacity and speed.

For those hitting up the U.S., there is now an Enhanced Coverage add-on, for customers visiting areas outside of Roam Mobility’s standard coverage zones. Improved coverage can be found in places such as Alaska, Iowa, Maine, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, West Virginia, and more.

We’ve used Roam Mobility in Washington State and Phoenix, Arizona with our unlocked iPhones. What makes the service great is the ability to schedule when your plan will kick in (while in Canada before your trip), so the moment you land or arrive, you’ll have cell coverage.

No more running to a local carrier store to setup a plan, but just instant voice and data coverage so you can communicate immediately with your loved ones. The time and hassle saved is well worth it and Roam Mobility offers significant savings versus roaming with your existing carrier from Canada.

Click here to sign up for Roam Mobility and save 25% off your first plan today.

Disclosure: Roam Mobility has partnered with to broadcast its latest U.S. promotion.


  • Westwood

    Roam mobility is great but I have to figure out text forwarding from my Can # to my American Roam number. A couple of trips ago I left an older iPhone with my Canadian sim on, plugged in and on my desk. Forwarded the phone number to my Amer # and added my Amer # to the receive text to setting. Seemed to have success but meant not having and active phone from the time I leave to the time I arrive at destination.
    Would prefer a text forward solution!

  • Tim

    Here’s a better solution. Go into a Wal-Mart or likely a million other places when you arrive and buy a straighttalk wireless SIM. Since I use Fongo I get the tablet version which gets me 2gb of LTE data for $25 or 1gb for $15. This allows me to send/receive calls and texts on my same Canadian number with no additional charges. The plans are good for 30 days. Between making calls, texting, and surfing I used about 500 mb in 5 days.

    If you need voice, it’s still a better deal and you get to choose AT&T or T-Mobile for the network you’d like to piggy back on (my starter kit came with a SIM for both, but once activated I don’t think you can switch to the other).

  • alinadecosta59