StreamJack TV SmartDNS Lifetime for 96% Off at $29 [Deals]


StreamJack TV SmartDNS allows users to view geo-restricted content, such as services unavailable in Canada like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video (Update: does not work for Netflix). Right now, a lifetime subscription is on sale in our Deals Store for 96% off at $29 USD.



  • Bypass internet censorship
  • Enjoy a fast & reliable solution for watching TV, listening to online radio & more
  • Rest assured that your activity will not be logged
  • Use hand-picked dedicated servers
  • Keep your IP address anonymous
  • Unblock streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime, etc..)
  • Set up on any device

The service works with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android, Linux, Chromebook & routers.

Normally, an annual subscription costs $50 USD, but right now you can get lifetime access for just a one-time payment of $29. Can’t beat this if you want to unlock streaming media from around the world.

Click here to jump on the StreamJack TV SmartDNS while it’s still available.


  • Christian Henry

    Umm, haven’t been reading the news lately, huh? Seriously, mentioning *Netflix* as one of the unblocked services? Riiight….

  • karinatwork

    Did anyone try this yet?

  • Jason Bjerke

    unblock-us has been sketchy for me for a couple months now. Customer service very sadly poor.

  • Hi everyone, we’ve asked Stack Social to get us a demo account, so we can verify StreamJack’s claims of unblocking Netflix. Stay tuned.

  • Update: Just tested this myself with a demo account, this works to access Netflix USA, as advertised. Screenshots show it working here:

  • speedracer99

    Netflix will block these guys too. Just a matter of time. Save your 29$ USD for something else.

  • Rob

    It does not work for me. So far I’ve tried half the US locations they have and netflix and hulu don’t work saying it detects the proxy.

    Did you actually play a US netflix video. I can bring up the page just can’t play anything.

  • JM

    Gary, please report back whether or not you can actually play/watch the US content.

    I know you can login to US Netflix, and search the US database, but if you try to watch the US content, there will be a popular message saying you are using a Proxy service and disallow access.

  • Okay I did not play a video, let me test this again.

  • UPDATE: My apologies everyone, I was unable to play a video 🙁 I’ve updated the article. If you made a purchase, let me know via email or Twitter DM, and I’ll contact Stack Social to fix this.

  • Val

    I did purchase it yesterday only to get Netflix US, this morning I tried: not working, Netflix detected it. Kinda pissed I spent $29 on that. Where can I get a refund? No use for me and almost false advertising as I don’t know nothing about all this tech.

  • Stay tuned as I’ve reached out to Stack Social, keep an eye on your email. Apologies for the confusion.

  • Rob

    Thanks, will do.