Top Wireless Chargers for iPhone X, iPhone 8 on Right Now


There still time to nab a Qi wireless charger before your iPhone X pre-order arrives this Friday, November 3, especially if you’re a Prime member on

Below are the top five bestselling Qi wireless chargers on right now, which will charge your shiny iPhone X (and iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus).

1. Anker Wireless Charger PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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2. Seneo Fast Wireless Charger, Qi Wireless Charger

Screenshot 2017 10 30 15 46 53

3. [2017 Upgraded Version] Pictek Wireless Charging Stand Qi Charger with PowerPort 10W

Screenshot 2017 10 30 15 46 58

4. Pictek Fast Wireless Charger, Qi Charging Pad

Screenshot 2017 10 30 15 47 05

5. Wireless Charger, [New Version]Pictek Wireless Charging Pad, Ultra-thin Qi Charging Pad

Screenshot 2017 10 30 15 47 11

From personal experience with the Aukey Qi wireless charger using an iPhone 8 Plus, your smartphone needs to be placed ‘spot on’ for it to charge, depending on the site of the charging coil on these units.

Testing Aukey’s Qi Wireless Charging Stand turned out to be a better option, as you just set it and forget it on the stand, instead of trying to land your iPhone perfectly like a fighter jet onto an aircraft carrier. Also, I find these pads can be small compared to the iPhone, which will increase the chances of your precious device getting knocked off and falling off your desk.

Click here to check out Qi wireless chargers for iPhone X/8/8 Plus here on Again, if you’re not happy with your charger, makes it easy to return it for a refund.


  • Or wait for Airpower. 😉

  • Jäsper

    I need help on which one to buy I don’t want to drop 99$ on a stupid wifi charger. Those prices are great.. but are they … not really worth it! Also, wireless fast charginG? What’s that? I’m stupid when it comes to that technology and would love guidance 🙂

  • Bought the Anker Wireless charger about a week ago before I even pre-ordered. Already got a couple cheap cases and screen protectors too since a week or two ago.

  • Ben

    for like 150$ 😉

  • Tim

    You can get one on ebay for under $10 shipping included. Did this in the past when I had an Android phone and it worked just fine.

  • Sam

    None of them are car holders.
    The only reason why you would need wireless charger is to use as a car holder for the iPhone so it can charge and act as a GPS at the same time, and leaves the iPhone lighting port to be used with the aux cable adapter.

  • Ned K.

    What? How can you generalize YOUR purpose of wireless charging to everyone? Since I switched to iPhone 8 Plus, I have never connected to a cord to charge at home. I just put it at top of a wireless charger and that’s it. You have no idea how convenient it is!

  • Ned K.

    For those who have problems with Qi charger with iPhone 8: e.g., Some wireless chargers would have flickering LED light which indicates it’s still charging even though it’s fully charged or other problems, wait for iOS 11.1.0. It’s iOS software problem, which is fixed in 11.1 – tested on beta.

    DO NOT feed Apple, which made partnership with Belkin and Mophie wireless chargers, lying they are specially made “for iPhone.” Qi chargers have been available for years, and the ones sold in Apple Store are nothing special.

  • FragilityG4

    I want it for my nightstand. Every morning I fumble around trying to get the cord out of my phone. This would remove that sleepy problem.

  • xeronine992

    For real.. My wife needs her phone a lot in the middle of the night and when I first bought the wireless charger she thought it was pointless because the cord was right there. My argument was: Are you going to plug the phone in every time? No! She now is very happy being able to just place her phone on the pad and it keeps topping it off.

  • Olivier

    I have #4, works great. Takes about 2hours to charge my 8 Plus with an iPhone adapter

  • _Eric

    Cool post. Can you do something similar for fast charging bricks/cables. Still not entire sure which hardware is actually “fast charging”.

  • Olivier

    honestly I don’t understand why some would pay 150-200$ just to be able to put multiple devices on a mat at once to charge them. Sure it’s convenient, but worth a hundred ? not IMO. But hey, I guess the iPhone X sales showed that some are willing to spend lots of pennies for a device with an Apple logo on it.

  • Jasper

    Omg Olivier – all you do is complain on this webpage !!! Chill mate. When we look at your comments nothing positive comes from it. Be happy mate !! Life is ok. 😉

  • Léon

    I’ve ordered RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger from Amazon (it’s currently sold out). It’s a little bit more expensive than Anker’s $20 (it’s $40) but it comes with a free 24W Quick Charge 3.0 adapter capable of reaching a max 10W output on the wireless charging pad (Apple’s quick charging specification limits it at 7.5W). It comes with high recommendations from Verge, Business Insider, Digital Trends etc.

  • Léon

    Many wireless chargers support up to 5W of the power output, so it is a good idea to avoid them because they won’t charge your phone any faster than a standard lightning 5W power adapter that comes with the iPhone. What you want is a minimum of 7.5W that Apple supports (or more) and for that both charging pad with its induction coils and the power adapter itself should be capable of more than 5W power output.

  • Olivier

    I literally just commented I have #4 and it works great. This is a comment section and I can freely give my two cents. I may sound negative/pessimist, I don’t think I always am but I think I should be objective and not be a sheep that praises everything that Apple does.

    My life is great by the way 🙂

  • mgs911

    How about just wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day and buy it then for cheaper?

  • Because we’re Apple fans and we have no concept of patience. We’ll spend and spend until we’re bankrupt!

  • Salinger

    What almost none of these tell you on their product page, is the output. I don’t want to get a 5W charger when Apple is said to being doing a firmware upgrade that will allow the iPhone X (and 8) to accept 7.5W.

    Does anyone know what the output of any of these are?

  • Léon

    As I mentioned above, you might want to check out RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger, its power output is up to 10W so it will give you full 7.5W once Apple allows it in the future iOS update. It is $40 but it comes with a 24W power adapter. Digital Trends did a comparison Mophie vs. Belkin vs. RavPower and picked it as a winner. It’s less expensive than the other two and it charged fully iPhone 8 fastest (2 hours and 36 minutes vs. 3h 12min. vs. 3h 53min.) and that was under existing 5W limit – so it will be 50% faster once Apple updates iOS.

  • Salinger

    Thanks, yeah I saw your earlier post and searched for it on Amazon, but it didn’t come up. I guess it’s still sold out as you mentioned.

  • Léon

    I can post a link but it won’t show up for some time, because I believe the comments containing URLs undergo moderation

  • Salinger

    Thanks, no need. I found a link to its Amazon page via Google. It is out of stock but I’ve saved it to my wish list so will keep checking there. I’d rather wait for a good one, than buy anything just to have it quickly.

  • Ned K.

    lol! Sad but true for iSheeps

  • Harold Neal

    Still waiting for mine to ship from Amazon, ordered Oct. 27th.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Noticing that #3 by PicTek seems to specify that it supports up to 10W? Is that what you are referring to?