Trade-In Site Sphere Helps You Cash Out Your Old Phone


With Apple’s expected launch of the iPhone 6s imminent, now is a great time to consider what to do with your old smartphone if you’re ready to upgrade.

Used phones

Vancouver-based Sphere offers a simple trade-in service that’s incredibly easy and convenient, all done online via their website. The service instantly gets you a quote for your smartphone, based on your model, carrier and condition.

How does it work? Sphere will send you a prepaid shipping kit for free, which you gives you a generous 30 days to send back your old smartphone for analysis. By offering a month, it allows you plenty of time to receive your new smartphone and transfer data over before.

Sphere packagin

Once Sphere receives your old smartphone and verifies it’s in the right condition as stated, you’ll get paid. It’s just that easy. Payments–usually processed in one business day of receiving your device–are made via cheque in the mail or by PayPal, which is much more convenient than typical in-store credit offered by carriers.

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Sphere offers an extremely fair and honest service: if your phone is actually deemed to be worth more than its current listed condition, you’ll get a revised higher payout automatically. If your phone is determined to be worth less than stated, you can opt to have your phone returned–free of charge.

The company covers trade-ins for over 50 models among major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry. iPads are also accepted as part of the trade-in program.

For example, your used 16GB iPhone 5s in mint condition could fetch you around $225, while a Samsung Galaxy S5 in excellent shape can get you about $220.

If you want to maximize your device’s trade-in, it’s better to do it sooner than later. Once new iPhones launch in the coming weeks, values are expected to drop over time–so it’s best to lock in your trade-in amount as soon as you can!

Click here to visit Sphere’s website and get your free trade-in quote today.

Thanks to Sphere for sponsoring this week.


  • Reza Andrew Kharrazi

    There’s only $20 price difference between the 128GB locked and unlocked ones !!! Really ?!

  • Felipe

    They’d pay me 440 for my 16gb iPhone 6+
    Orchard would pay me 596. No brainer.

  • That Guy

    That site is a ripoff. Kijiji is the way to go.

  • Jamie Stein

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    ???? ????????????????????

  • Roland

    $375 for my 6 w/64gb… Check Craigslist. Up to $850. Rip-off

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    Jeez, how much are they paying you guys to advertise their poor service? Less than 400$ for a mint 16gig 6+? Really?

  • Riddlemethis

    Gary advertises the most questionable sites sometimes.

  • Riddlemethis

    a lot, and i mean a lot of ripoffs go on Kiji and CL. you almost need to be a professional trader not to get ripped off.

  • Riddlemethis

    never heard of them. are they in wine country?

  • Wow… not good value…
    I always used Kijiji for all my Apple gears I sold with a great price. For sure, it’s more work since you have to post the add, answer silly fake peoples etc… but the reward is: a better price for your device.

  • jay

    Why you guys think that it is bad. They buy phones to sell them again. Let’s say they get an iPhone 6 for 600 they have to sell it for 800 to make money and who buus a used phone for 800?

  • Jack

    It’s showing 450 on their site when I last checked

  • good deal

    $92 for my iPhone 5 16GB LOL

  • Ray

    I just sold my iPhone 6 Plus/128GB/Unlocked with no Apple Care on Kijiji for $950.00. Went to this site and they would offer me $470.00. What an absolute rip off.