Lightweight ‘Feather Buds’ Bluetooth Headphones w/ Mic on Sale for 51% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]


Redesign MF featherbud3

If you’ve been looking to get a set of affordable Bluetooth headphones with mic functionality for making calls, our Deals Store has the lightweight Feather Buds on sale for 51% off at $28.99, which includes free shipping to Canada and beyond.

These wireless headphones connect to your iPhone, Android phone or any other Bluetooth device. They come with built-in volume up/down buttons, plus charge via USB. These affordable headphones are lightweight which means they will be great for exercising, cleaning or doing any sort of work around the house. You won’t have to worry about getting your expensive headphones stolen by using this set.

Redesign MF featherbud


  • Lightweight, tangle-free wireless design
  • Built in microphone, remote and call answering functionality
  • Crystal clear 30ft Bluetooth transmission
  • Noise canceling outer shell
  • Comfort fit gelled earbuds – three sizes included
  • Optional ear hooks included for additional security
  • Perfect for exercising, cleaning, cooking, yard work and more

Redesign MF featherbud2

Click here to jump on the Lightweight Feather Buds while they are still on sale. Forget dealing with tangled wires that always get in the way–go wireless!


  • Nick

    When I try the link on my iPhone it keeps saying the shipping options are international and us. When I try to buy it with international it says ‘international orders only’ – is there a different option for Canada?

  • Clarification coming, hold on sir.

  • Alex

    Hey Nick!

    Sorry for the confusion – I’m alex from stackcommerce – we partner with IPIC to bring you readers deals. Canada is included in “international” as we are a US based company. Again, sorry for the confusion, and i hope that helps!

  • Nick

    One more thing – following the link.. In the comments there someone asks stereo or mono and someone replies mono. That’s a joke and it’s stereo for sure right? Just checking because I bought some cheap Bluetooth phones for running and they turned out to be mono.

  • bailey

    Hey Alex, can you also advise if they are Stereo or Mono?


  • Alex

    yup! theyre mono

  • Nick

    Why? Are mono Bluetooth headphones a common thing?

  • ticky13

    Exactly! Why?! They can’t send two different signals wirelessly?

  • Alex

    not sure as to why they’re designed this way,,,,