App Store Error Fix for Updates Not Showing Up in iOS 7


With the public release of iOS 7 today, the massive demand has wreaked havoc for Apple’s servers. Users have been unable to activate their devices or even download updates, being told “Software Update Unavailable” or “Software Update Failed”.

App store not connecting

Now, a new problem has affected the App Store as lots of people have been unable to download updates or have them show up in the ‘Updates’ tab in the App Store. We suspect Apple has disabled push notifications of app updates to iOS devices to help allocate server resources for iOS 7 downloads and installs. It makes sense. App updates would be the least of their worries right now.

How to fix the issue of updates not showing up in the App Store under the ‘Updates’ tab on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Easy. Just search for your app within the search field. Once it turns up in the results tap “OPEN”–the app will then start downloading the latest update (you might be prompted for your iTunes password) and install. Voila.

If that still doesn’t work for you, have some patience and let Apple work on addressing their servers, which are probably melting right about now. Let us know if this fix worked for you!


  • Apple User

    The App Store is a total mess. It won’t ever load up the reviews. If an app redirects you to another app, it won’t load up more than half the time. I can’t update my apps, nor can I install any new ones. It keeps saying “error connecting to iTunes,” or something along those lines.

  • kortni_thegreat

    I can search for apps but I can’t download because it won’t connect. Is there a fix or should I just wait this out?

  • You’ll just have to wait it out or keep trying.

  • Iwasipooned

    My entire history of purchased apps are gone, in both on my phone and not on my iphone. I’m furious since I paid for a lot of them amd wanted to re download them when I upgraded to a bigger gig iphone

  • aaa

    i had the same problem too… the only solution is to wait?

  • Biggy604

    I am stuck with this after doing a “Restore” since my phone was previously Jailbroken on iOS 6 (my iPhone 5). Kind of Regretting the upgrade now, since I do not see my purchases. I know they are there, as I logged into my older iphone, and see all the purchases and ones “not on my phone”. I guess it’s the big clutter of users updating and trying to access the app store in droves that is making the iOS7 servers Congested.

  • Ricky Ellmore

    I had this too, apps I previously paid for are now showing the price instead of the download button however I got round this by uploading to my phone from my computer via iTunes.

  • Rio

    I cannot sign in to the iTunes and Apps Store. 🙁 So frustrating…

  • Brenda

    Me neither, I go to App Store and it says Cannot connect to App Store 🙁

  • arystanonmars

    At first my app store worked fine. I could normaly browse and update but later it just disappeared. I searched for it everywhere: all pages all folders. I tried using spotlight search, and even tried buying apps through safari so that it readresses me, but that didn’t work either. Any advice or help? Any one else have the some problem ? Should i write an email to apple support team ?

  • HelloCDN

    Yep, had that on my iPad 2 after the iPad, but then the issue somehow resolved itself.

  • Reverend Billy

    After it directed me to Apple’s site to ok the service agreement with my apple account, my the app store is now frozen with a message that my download will begin with an OK to press to continue. But, clicking ok does nothing and the message will not go away. I can no longer use the app store.

  • thebruce0

    Have you closed the app specifically from the task bar? Do that and re-open. It should be usable again. (just don’t do the same thing again :P)

  • thebruce0

    …patience… it’s not broken, it’s just bogged.

  • Nick

    App Store won’t load at all for me.

  • enginepe

    Certain apps like Spotify Youtube dont give me the option to download. Some will, some wont. Search for it, look in update – doesnt matter. App shows up in App Store but no Install or cloud icon to download.

  • Demon9799


  • pasha

    go in to SETTINGS+iTunes&App Store press on your log in and Sign Out and restart your IPhone and try using your App Store if it works all you have to do is go back in to settings back to iTunes&App Store and use your log in for your updates

  • Bart

    While updates are working for me, I cannot download one new app successfully after iOS 7.

  • alfa

    Well it’s still happeing to me now. I can’t install new app as well as updating existing one. Itunes store just ain’t working! It’s very frustrating, moreover apple doesn’t give us resolution over this, at least they shud let us have the option to go back to ios6 in saver way

  • nguyen van quynh xmt

    can not be set

  • TPJ

    I’ve started having this problem as well. Automatic updates disabled. Badge tells me I have 17 apps that need updating. I launch App Store – nothing shows up. One of my apps recommended I get an update, it launched App Store – same thing. Nothing happens. I tried the tip of searching for the app name in the search bar – again, nothing happens.

    This started at least a week ago (mid to late October 2013). Yesterday I noticed I am also unable to download new apps from my phone. Bizarre – and frustrating!!!

  • TPJ

    Thank you for this suggestion – it fixed the problem that has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks (unable to update apps or download new ones)!!

  • TPJ

    Update: used the suggestion by pasha below. Sign out of account; force phone to shut down, then restart – voila! App Store works again. Updates are showing up in the list again, and I can install them.

  • Agnes

    thank you very much, this fixed my issue!

  • AnnaExMtz

    Did u ever find a fix for this?

  • Sunil

    The App Store doesnt work – says phone has to be connected to WIFI even when ON affecting Safari to FB et al. Its been 3 days already and no help from Apple whatssoever.

  • Ashley008

    It didnt work for me.

  • Elviz

    I did sign up but my email it doesn’t work it says resend again…

  • Jody

    non of my stuff is working i cant conect to my imessage it wont let me login in to any thing like facebook, skype, instagram nothing and my clash of clans isnt letting me in it says downloading content and then restarts the game over and over again my device is stuffed apple has to really fix this ASAP

  • elizabeth09

    My App Store doesn’t let me download apps!! And I really don’t know why!! Like and it also doesn’t let me update apps. But the wifi is fine!! I don’t know what to do.. Please help me!!

  • Hild

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