Apple Watch Guide: Turning Off Your Apple Watch


If you’re an iOS user you know sometimes your devices can get a little buggy, and usually a great way to fix the problems is to power the device off and turn it back on. You can do the same thing on your Apple Watch.

To access to the Power off option, simply press and hold the side button. You’ll get a little screen where you can Power Off the watch, turn on Power Reserve or Lock Device.

Simply swipe to the right and your Apple Watch will power down. Once it’s done, to turn it back on, again press and hold the side button for a second or two and release it. You’ll see a faint Apple logo on your screen and the Apple Watch will boot back up.


  • Jason Reid

    Hey Kris thanks for the Video. I usually shut down all my devices once or twice a week just for the reboot but 10 days in and I still hadn’t shut down my apple watch. When i pressed the side button I couldn’t get the shut down screen to pop up so I had to do a hard shutdown. By pressing the side button and the digital crown I was able to shut it down but was expecting a restart like the phone but what it did was completely power off. My apple watch was acting a bit buggy before this and of course this has fixed it.

  • Luca

    I can power off my Apple Watch like it is shown in the video… when the watch is on my wrist. On the opposite, when the watch is on the charger, this option is disable!?!
    (the only option available while on the charge is the Lock).
    Of course is the watch is powered off before putting it on the the charge, it will restart automatically.
    So, I found no way to turn the watch off while charging! Is this normal?

  • I’m seeing the same. Looks like it is normal.