How to Cancel your Apple Music Trial to Prevent Auto-Renewal


Have you been enjoying your free Apple Music trial? If you have, great! But if not, then you should know the three month free trial period is set to end tomorrow for early adopters. If you don’t cancel your membership, it will auto-renew and charge your credit card or iTunes Account.

Here’s how to cancel your Apple Music membership, according to Apple…

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

1. Go to Settings > App and iTunes Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID (sign in)

2. Under Subscriptions > Manage > toggle OFF ‘Automatic Renewal’ > Turn Off

IMG 0071 IMG 0072 1

Once completed you should see an end date for your free trial under Subscriptions.

Now here’s how to cancel Apple Music on your Mac or PC

1. Open iTunes. Click on the Sign In profile and enter your Apple ID credentials:

Mac apple music sign in

2. Once signed-in, go to Account Info (you’ll need to re-enter your password):

Mac apple music sign in account info

3. Scroll down to Settings and click on ‘Manage’ under Subscriptions:

Yos itunes12 subscriptions manage

4. Click on ‘Edit’ to manage your Apple Music subscription. Here, you can toggle OFF Automatic Renewal. Once completed, it should show that your renewal is off:

Screenshot 2015 09 29 12 38 20

So there you have it folks. Let us know if you’ll be renewing Apple Music once your free trial expires.


  • K.

    Am I the only one to like this? Will likely keep it after sept 30th…

  • Samuel Coleman

    I cancelled because the battery drain was basically equivalent of GPS… Not worth that for daily life especially for the price…

  • Salinger

    Did so, disappointedly, a few weeks ago. There are so many competing services at the exact same price point, and most (surprisingly) do it far better than Apple Music.

    I’ll keep an eye over the coming months and see if they manage to improve it, but right now, it’s a total mess and lacks some of the most basic, and necessary functionality a streaming service should have.