How to Enable the ‘News’ App in iOS 9 Beta in Canada, Outside the US


Apple’s News app is their response to curated news apps like Flipboard. News made its debut within iOS 9 beta 3, which was made available to developers yesterday. However, News is only available for people residing in the USA right now. But have no fear, you can still access it outside America.

How to enable News if you’re in Canada and elsewhere? Follow these simple steps once you’ve installed iOS 9 beta 3:

  1. Settings > General > Language & Region > United States
  2. Restart your iOS device. News should now be on your Home Screen!

IMG 0005 IMG 0006

Below you can see the News app on your home screen:

IMG 0007 1

iPhoneinCanada is listed within Apple News. Make sure you search for us and add us! Check us out below:

IMG 0012 1 IMG 0015

IMG 0013 IMG 0014

News will replace Newsstand in iOS 9 and according to Eddy Cue it “seamlessly delivers the articles you want to read in a beautiful and uncluttered format, while respecting your privacy, because Apple doesn’t share your personal data.”

Thanks Dante


  • Cody Woodward

    Quick question.Will changing regions mess with me downloading stuff from the stores?

  • poopchute

    No, but there might be some other drawbacks. I used to have my region set to US years ago. And I changed it back to Canada for some reason. I’m testing now.

  • Spiridus

    What if I turn the region back to Canada after the News App is installed, will it be uninstalled?

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    My News app crashes pretty much every time I try to open it. Don’t know what’s up with that. Sucks because the News app is what I look forward to most in iOS 9. Aw well, it is a beta after all.

  • Yes

  • Horacio

    Is News only available for iPhone? I updated my iPad Mini and changed the location to US, but I don’t see the News App icon.

  • diggity_dank

    I think it’s important to note that the News app is absolutely not a “replacement” for the newsstand. The newsstand app format will continue to exist, with all current features and capabilities, the only change being that these apps are now treated as regular apps on the home screen (use standard icons, can be placed in any folder).

  • Loving this. Thank you for sharing this trick with us all 😀

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    It seems that Apple Pay was also activated with this trick. However, I am having problems with getting my WiFi Calling feature to work despite my carrier (Rogers) now supporting it. Could this trick have turned it off? Rogers wants me to contact them to activate this service.

  • Are there any other repercussions to switching to the US Region (like bad side effects I have to live with)?

  • Kim Vandenbroek

    Is iOS9 News imminent?

    This screenshot shows the result of an iOS 9.0.1 update…