How to Fix Apple AirPods Disconnecting on Phone Calls


Apple’s AirPods have exceeded expectations for most users, but some are not happy with them right now, specifically when it comes to phone calls (and battery life).

The Apple Communities forum has an 11-page thread full of customers complaining about disconnections while on long phone calls while using AirPods. The issue does not happen when streaming music, but only during phone calls.

Happens several times during long calls with no apparent pattern. The AirPods are fully charged. The strange thing is that while listening to music, this problem doesn’t show up, only on phone calls.

Many have tried Apple’s fixes of resetting network settings in iOS, but that didn’t fix the issue.

What’s the temporary fix for dropped phone calls with AirPods? Many have isolated the problem to the company’s smartwatch and by unpairing Apple Watch from their iPhone, dropped calls no longer happened.

How to unpair your Apple Watch from iPhone?

1. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab and tap on your watch to select it, then tap on the ”i” icon.

Ios10 watchos3 watch my watch apple watch

2. Next, tap on Unpair Apple Watch at the bottom, then tap again to confirm. You may need to enter your Apple ID password to disable Activation Lock. Before erasing content and settings, your iPhone will create a backup of your Apple Watch.

Ios10 watchos3 watch my watch apple watch unpair

If you don’t have your iPhone and want to unpair your Apple Watch, on the smartwatch, go to (this method won’t create a backup):

Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings

Others have stated restoring their iPhone setting up as a new device has fixed the issue as well, but you may want to do this as a last resort, since it’s time consuming.

Meanwhile, those talking to Apple about the issue have stated the company wants users to send in their AirPods for diagnostics, while those visiting retail stores for fixes have left without issues being resolved.

If you’re experiencing disconnections with AirPods while on phone calls and you have an Apple Watch—try unpairing the latter, as that seems to fix the issue. We haven’t experienced any drops on phone calls but will keep testing (none of my contacts have been on fire lately to justify a phone call).

Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks Kevin 


  • Michael Brown

    I was having this problem with no Apple watch (although I have a Pebble Time Steel). To fix it I unpaired and reset my AirPods by first “forgetting” them in the Bluetooth settings on my iPhone, hard restarting the phone, resetting the AirPods with the reset button on the case and then re-pairing the AirPods to the iPhone. I also selected the use only the right microphone setting in the AirPod settings based on something I read on another website. This appears to have worked – at least for the last 48 hours.

  • johnnygoodface

    I much prefer your solution, since leaving my Apple Watch unpaired is not an option for me. Thanks for sharing, I’ll keep your procedure handy.

  • Flatulent Panda

    How’s this fix going? Did you encounter anymore dropped calls since?

  • Dwayne Williams

    Just put the watch in airplane mode when you need it to work flawlessly…

  • Jason Dudley

    Pretty useless solution if you ask me, Nothing against the author of this article. How can Apple expect us to decide whether we want to use our AirPods OR our Apple watches. I spent a whole lot of money purchasing both AirPods AND a Watch. Not to mention I am not about to Hard reset my device. Apple needs to fix this now or I will be returning my AirPods