How to Change Kilometres to Miles in Google Maps for iOS [Quick Tip]


Earlier today Google published 10 quick tips on how to use Google Maps for iOS. One tip many have asked is how to change from kilometres (or kilometers) to miles and vice versa within Google Maps? The answer? It comes down to the default unit of distance within your iPhone settings.

To change between miles and kilometres and vice versa, navigate to the following on your iPhone:

Settings –> General –> International –> Region Format

Then choose…

–> Canada for kilometres


–> United States for miles

Once that is done, just switch back to Google Maps and you should see the changes immediately. If you had already started a Google Navigation Beta route, you will need to end it and start again to see the changes. Check them out below:

canada international google maps km
united states miles googe maps miles

That’s it. The more you know! (insert NBC rainbow here)

Thanks @mikejenkinson 


  • Mark

    Looking through the list of available keyboards, I don’t have an “International” keyboard. There’s the default “English” (which is US) and there is optionally an English (Canada), among others.

    Edit: Oh, I see what you’ve done. You need to remove “Keyboard” from your steps.

  • JustMe

    The location is Settings –> General –> International. So what if you want US settings for things like Date & Time but kilometers for Distance? I know this is really an Apple question and not a Google one, but the users needs more options for setting these. I mean, how many Canadians actually write the date as “Thursday, 5 January, 2012”? I don’t know of any!

  • Bob

    Poorly written out instructions

    Anyway, any idea how to get Facebook to report distances in meters/km (for nearby searches)?

  • einsteinbqat

    I hate miles, inches, pounds, onces, and anything about the imperial system. It’s illogical.

  • Leon
  • einsteinbqat


  • May

    lol Gary, 1 recpt bar with Rogers.

  • I know, such a fail :/

  • Tigran

    For IOS 6:
    Settings->General->International->Region Format

  • Rao

    It works,Thank you very much.

  • Delta5

    Thanks for the info guys.. It was really annoying as the navigating women was going on and on in feet and miles..

  • Scott Holmes

    This didn’t work for me using iOS 6.1.4 and the current version of Google Maps. Anyone else having this problem?
    Apple Maps does use metric units, but drives me crazy with poor navigation and by mispronouncing km as “kilom-eter”. An “eter” is not a unit! (If you didn’t know, “kil-o-meter” is correct.)