How to Access Disney’s Movies Anywhere iOS App in Canada, Get 5 Free Movies


Today Disney’s Movies Anywhere service gained the backing of four major Hollywood studios, with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment joining the existing mix of Disney content (Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm).

“It’s simplicity. It’s ease of use. It’s bringing it together all in one place. It’s going to be amazing,” said Movies Anywhere GM Karin Gilford at a presentation Wednesday in Los Angeles, reports Variety. “This is going to enable movie fans to sync their movie collection from the five studios across retailers, devices, platforms.”

Movies Anywhere is a digital movie locker service, aimed at movie buffs to make it easier to grow their digital library and view movies across various services, devices and platforms. The only problem for Canadians? It’s only available in the USA.

But, you can still download Disney’s Movies Anywhere for iOS in Canada if you have a U.S. iTunes Account and a VPN service (like ExpressVPN).

IMG 6092

First, click here to learn how to setup a U.S. iTunes account in Canada, without credit card. You may need to download a free song instead of an app, now that iTunes no longer has the App Store (but the older version was quietly brought back).

Once that’s done—download Movies Anywhere for iOS with your U.S. iTunes account on your iPhone.

Next, launch your VPN service on your iPhone—then launch the Movies Anywhere iOS app (since it requires a U.S. location).


From here, connect at least two accounts (such as U.S. iTunes and Amazon USA) to claim your free five movies available right now, as part of the launch promo.

IMG 6100

Once you’ve connected two accounts, you’ll see your five free movies available (Ice Age; Ghostbusters; Big Hero 6; Jason Bourne; The Lego Movie):

IMG 6095 IMG 6096

To watch these movies, you’ll require to have your VPN remained on.

Again, if you’re a snowbird or someone who is from the U.S. living in Canada, these instructions may help you access Movies Anywhere while outside America. Due to geographic content restrictions and streaming rights, there’s no word whether we’ll see Movies Anywhere debut in Canada, anytime soon.


  • wracz

    Using Google Play Movies, the content will appear, ands you can watch the content without a VPN.

  • Arty

    That’s a lot of work just to end up with the wrong Ghostbusters movie.

  • PartyDown

    Switching between US and CDN app stores always messes up the content of my phone.

  • Scott Davis

    Does this procedure work to connect your canadian itunes movies library to Movies anywhere? i.e. can you do this to have your Canadian itunes movies show up in google play?

  • Kevin King

    I used a VPN to try this but it didn’t work. I was able to connect google and amazon, but iTunes and Vudu both recognize my accounts with them as “Canadian” and they don’t play along.

  • Scott Davis

    I didn’t have any trouble linking vudu, worked great actually, most of my UV movies are now in my Google play and vice versa. Just too bad I can’t get iTunes as well. I linked Amazon as well, but I don’t have any Amazon content so didn’t really care about that.

  • Scott Davis

    In fact, a couple movies that only play as SD in Google Play now play as HD in the movies anywhere app.

  • Robert

    Hey, make a US iTunes account, linking Movies Anywhere will ONLY work on there (as did DMA). Once you’ve connected it to iTunes, it will show all UltraViolet films from those studios linked through VUDU. This is why I wanted it. Also, you DO NOT need a VPN to continually access your movies on iTunes from Canada. iTunes ONLY geoblocks via credit cards (which is easy to get passed using the Postal to Zip code trick btw). It won’t block you from watching your purchases in Canada. I buy movies all the time from the American iTunes using my Canadian credit card. You can also easily switch back in forth between your Canadian account and American on the Apple TV, it’s so worth it! Good luck!