[Update] How to Enable AirPlay Mirroring on your iPhone 4S


AirPlay Mirroring is a feature in iOS 5 that streams your iPhone 4S home screen to your second generation Apple TV. You’ll be able to stream whatever is on your iOS device right onto your TV. Turning on AirPlay Mirroring on your iPhone is very similar to how it is enabled on the iPad 2. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s how to do it:


– don’t forget to turn on WiFi.
– both your Apple TV and iPhone 4S/iPad 2 must be on iOS 5.

1. On the Homescreen, double-tap the Home button and swipe to the right twice.

2. Tap the AirPlay icon to bring up the AirPlay menu–select Apple TV and toggle ON Mirroring. Your iPhone 4S should now be streamed to your TV via the Apple TV.

As you can see from the pictures below, you can see my homescreen and the games I launch, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

What’s even cooler is when you launch the Camera app–you can get some pretty neat effects.

AirPlay Mirroring is a great way to share whatever you have on your iPhone 4S right to your TV. Let me know what you’ve been using it for so far.


  • Mibaksh

    Exclusive to i4S and iPad 2 or others as well?

  • Guest

    only those 2

  • 1212321412rtfwsvasg3q

    I  just swiped twice and I get the volume switcher but I have no airplay icon:s

  • Wuju

    Remember to turn on wifi too

  • Mark Roberts

    Works fine on my iPhone 4 with my boxee box. Also works great on my MacBook pro.

  • I have the airplay icon there for the iPhone4 but nothing happens when I select the AppleTV.

  • Guest

    Remember your apple TV must be at iOS 5

  • Anonymous

    Ur saying that ur Macbook pro works as the TV in this case? How did you do that? AirPlayer?

  • Mark Roberts

    Sorry, couldn’t edit my comment from my iPhone after I wrote that above. I wanted to say that music streams great from my mbp. Everything else works fine on my ip4.

  • Riony

    Grr. This is frustrating.

    Iphone 4S, Apple TV 2, Both on IOS5.  I *DO* get the option to airplay when swiping the dock a few times, but when I click the icon, It doesn’t take me to this window everyone keeps saying. All I get is “iPhone” or “Apple TV”  –  No Airplay Mirroring options.   Simply selecting Airplay TV only lets me to audio and videos, but it’s not airplay mirroring. With!

  • Guest

    Same here I updated my iPhone 4 to OS 5 and I get the icon although nothing happens when I push the airplay mirroring button.

    YouTube and music works fine with AirPlay although mirroring does not work.

    The Apple website info on OS 5 does seem to indicate that this should work on the iPhone 4 once updated