How to Get Siri to Open Google Maps for Directions to Any Location


Here’s a quick tip on how to use Siri to open the Google Maps iOS app for directions to any place instead of Apple Maps. All you have to do is add the phrase “via transit” at the end of your request. So for example you might ask Siri the following:

“Give me directions to the Apple Store via transit

siri google maps transit

In Canada, this results in Siri opening up a list of locations via Yelp, where you will be prompted to tap the result you want. Then, a list of Routing Apps will pop up, where you can then tap Google Maps, which will then load up with instant directions to your destination (or any other app you have installed capable of transit directions, such as Waze):

siri google maps transit2 siri google maps transit3

Yesterday, a jailbreak tweak called MapsOpener was released in Cydia to open any maps link with Google Maps for iOS. Let us know how this tip works for you!

[Jailbreak Nation via Cult of Mac]


  • FragilityG4

    You guys are too obsessed with google maps … Their new app isn’t any good compared to their original iOS native app.

    Apple maps are fine … I wish people would stop over sensationalizing the situation.

  • Networx

    Nice trick. Thanks

  • Yeah, this map war is silly. I actually find places in the apple maps i couldn’t find in google maps. Also, the Yelp integration is much better than their zaggat one. IMO. All I see is that Apple having both maps on the device gives us, iPhone owners, the edge.

  • Great tip! I always wished there was a way to get voice navigation in Navigon and now we have it!