How To: Mark All Emails as Read in Mail on iPhone in Seconds [PICS]


Here’s an old tip but came up over discussion on the weekend. How do you mark all your messages as read within Mail on iOS in one quick swoop, instead of tapping messages individually? There is a trick, that was originally discovered on reddit, which appears to be a glitch as it doesn’t seem like it was implemented by design (if it was, then it’s definitely not easy to figure out).

Here’s how to mark all your email as read within Mail, in a matter of seconds:

1. Open Mail. Tap Edit.

Email read5a

2. Highlight an email.

3. Tap and hold ‘Mark’.

4. While holding down ‘Mark’, tap the red checkmark to unselect the highlighted email.

Email read3

5. Let go of ‘Mark’–the option to ‘Mark as Read’ will appear. Tap it. Now all your emails have been marked read in one quick swoop!

Email read2

Let us know if you’ve been using this trick. It is a great shortcut if you have multiple accounts and need to mark all your email as read.


  • crosseyed_mofo


  • wahgee

    Used for a long time.

  • nick

    or you could have a jailbreak tweak do this for you with one click

  • geez!

    So what’s your point? I think it was made clear from the start that it is an old trick and that this is simply a good info for those who aren’t aware of it and for them to benefit from the it.

  • wahgee

    no need to be rude, man! i was just stating that I’ve been doing this trick for a long time, as i learned it from a buddy of mine.

  • Wel, technically, you were the rude one in the first place….

  • wahgee

    Didn’t think I was. Just stating the facts that it was a cool trick. You are entitled to your opinion.

  • No offense taken. It’s all good.

  • wahgee

    Thanks, Gary. At least you understand, and you know i have made some comments on your blogs in the past. I like to share my thoughts and if people think I’m dissing others, I guess I will not post again.

    Anyway, I love this blog! Let’s all be civilized and be polite and respectful of one another.

  • geez!

    Ha! You eddited your initial post by adding “Cool trick.”. That made the huge difference in your statement. Made it more an acceptable post. If you had that in your initial post, I would not be objecting to it. I would even like it.

    The fact that you changed it to be more civil and polite somehow indicates that you finally realized that your initial post is kind of out of taste.

    Like you, I love this blog. I love it so much that I backup our moderators in such situations.

    Oh, and I love audit logs too!


  • teflon

    Another unfriendly user feature from iphone!

  • Oscar Branson

    this function does not work on my iphone 4s