How To Move Newsstand Inside A Folder In iOS 6 [Without Jailbreak]


A lot of iOS users find this fact annoying that Newsstand ,which is basically a folder dedicated to App Store’s digital publications, can not be moved inside another folder. When iOS 5 came out, an easy trick was discovered that allowed users to place Newsstand in another folder and now, a rather easier solution has been released that also works without a jailbreak and is fully compatible with iOS 6.

Just follow these steps to move Newsstand inside a folder (via iDB):

Step 1:

Download StifleStand and run it (Mac OS X only). Windows version coming soon.

Step 2:

Plug your iOS device to your Mac and wait for it to be detected by StifleStand.

Step 3:

Now click the Hide Newsstand button on StifleStand application on Mac.

Step 4:

Once done, you’ll notice a new folder by the name of Magic appear on your iOS device with Newsstand icon inside it. You can change the folder’s name to whatever you like since it is just like any other folder in iOS.

That’s it, enjoy!


  • Sounds nice, but I’m wary of what’s going on behind the scenes with this? Is it something that could potentially cause problems for my phone in other ways? Has anyone looked at the source code or something to confirm it’s not installing any malware?

  • Kirk

    I have to agree.. Having the newsstand app as a stand alone doesn’t bug me that much so I will skip this one out.

  • crosseyed_mofo


    i just tuck mine into the ether 8 pages away

  • draz

    If its like the last workaround in iOS 5, then it will crash iOS if you attempt to open Newstand when it’s in a folder. Don’t worry, the phone will just restart itself. (Aka Respring)
    It’s basically folder-ception… A folder (Newstand) in another folder.

    I’m waiting on the Windows version to try it out myself

  • FragilityG4

    There was a far easier trick posted on this site last year and requires only your iPhone and quick fingers … I did it then an it’s still in that folder today … Empty.

  • thearc


  • Sylchicop

    Didn’t work for me on either my new iPad of my iPhone 5.

  • Thanks for that link, that’s something I’d trust a lot more, although I just tried it a few times and couldn’t get it to work. I’m thinking that must have been a bug that Apple squashed in iOS 6. 🙁