How to Setup iPhone X ‘Reserve and Pick Up’ Notifications in Canada


iPhone X-mania is officially here. With the device launching last week in Canada and beyond, first impressions of the device have been very positive (we’ll have our short review up soon) and stock has been hard to find.

Apple has Reserve and Pick Up available for iPhone X, but right now for the most part, stores across Canada are sold out. There is one way to get notified for iPhone X when it gets in stock, and that’s to utilize the site iStockNow, just like you did for AirPods.

Earlier this morning, only Apple Stores in Winnipeg and Halifax had iPhone X available for reserve and pick up. Those who acted quickly were able to nab these few units up for pick up. As of writing, iPhone X is sold out across Canada according to iStockNow.

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How to setup email alerts for iPhone X stock in Canada? It’s very simple.

All you need to do is visit iStockNow, register your email by clicking ‘Log In’, select iPhone X using the filters, browse to your location on the map and click ‘Notify’ in the top right corner (we’re on our desktop).

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This will open a notification window, where you can select the Apple Stores showing on the map. Just select iPhone X, tick off the Apple Stores and then click ‘Save’.

The next time iPhone X becomes available for your Apple Store, you’ll receive an email in your inbox. That’s when it’s your time to act quickly and complete your iPhone X reservation for pick up at the Apple Store.

While iStockNow will let you know when stock is available, it doesn’t account for foot traffic in stores nabbing stock, but it will give you one of the best chances to buy an iPhone X now, instead of waiting 3-4 weeks for online orders to ship.

Let us know how your iPhone X notifications work out with iStockNow.


  • Thanks Gary!
    A buddy of mine just started trying to get one, so he missed all the early bird opportunities. Sent this page to help him out.

  • Olley

    I looked it up this morning but only 64GB model in both colours were available at 6:02am in Vancouver Oakridge, PC, and Metrotown. They were all snatched up shortly after.

  • Apple Help

    iPhone X 256GB Silver available now at Apple Upper Canada Mall

  • Apple Help

    Edit: And gone now

  • TheOne

    I set this up yesterday.
    And today right after 6am I was getting a few separate email notifications from istock showing SG 256GB availability at Yorkdale, Square One and Eaton Center. But as soon as I was clicking to reserve they were not available!

    I don’t believe stores were open at 6am to have any foot traffic ?????

    There was available stock in Quebec City that I could reserve if I wanted to!

  • steve81

    Got an iPhone X yesterday afternoon by doing this! 🙂

    IMPORTANT : Make sure to have a rule in your email account so emails from iStockNow won’t go to junk.

  • Bill___A

    I used this website to get airpods, it was excellent.

  • xxxJDxxx

    WTF Apple?! Why is there stock available in stores when those of us who stayed up late and ordered within minutes of orders opening are still waiting several weeks to even ship?

  • uncleeegz

    The physical inventory stock for the day is released at 6AM, if you’re quick enough you may be able to reserve your iphone to be picked up in person at an Apple Store. But you gotta be on the ball – today, they were all gone by 6:02 🙂

  • johnnygoodface

    Indeed, I’ve setup iStockNow as VIP in Mail, so I’ll receive a notification on my Apple Watch 🙂 Thx Gary! I keep forgetting about that site every year!

  • Yeah that is frustrating…but Reserve and Pick Up seems to be a regular part of major product launches now

  • Frustrated Vancouverite

    Tried reserving again this morning but same thing was happening as it was yesterday – I click add to cart and it just boots me to the homepage again. I obviously missed out after that. Frustrating! I’m using safari on my current iPhone. Sucks.

  • trdb

    I used this method to go in and pick up my new 256GB Silver X yesterday.

  • TheOne

    Same thing keeps happening to me to on safari on iPhone! ?????

  • SOB

    Yeah forget the people who woke up at an ungodly hour to pre order the phone that is still 2 to 3 weeks away. Quire a few people that pre ordered the phone managed to get their delivery dates moved up. No such luck for me.

  • Dansk

    Also used this for AirPods, since setting up my notifications for iPhone X I’ve gotten 12 instock emails so far today, have been unsuccessful in placing a reservation, before I can complete it I get the message it’s no longer instock from the ? app. So much foot traffic in store to compete against.

  • TheOne

    Same here!!!

  • TheOne

    Ugh this has become such an incredibly hard to hit moving target ! ?????
    I guess I’m giving up and will wait for my Nov. 21-28 delivery ?

  • RP

    This worked for me yesterday. Got a notification around 1pm then used the Apple Store App to load the bag, select pick up time, and pay via ApplePay. Edmonton stores seem to refresh stock availability around 1pm. If your trying to do Reserve and Pickup at 6am I recommend the App. And I too am pissed about pre-orders… my November 27 12:01am pre-order is still 2-weeks out from being delivered.

  • wil

    I tried this morning on both Chrome and Safari, and after I press “Continue” it just takes me to the home page instead of reserving! I guess I will keep trying.

    By the way, for the ones that was successful with this method, which path (app vs site) did you guys take? And some say the reservation and pick-up system is for carrier phones only, were you guys able to get the unlocked version with no carrier?

  • Dr. AL

    I don’t think the iStockNow site is working as planned. Neither is the online reservation site at 6 am either. Tried in Ottawa and got nothing on either. Was working at the Rideau centre so to go look at them I figured I would drop in and see the silver vs the black. Anyways they had one of each colour in 256Gb in stock. Both sites have nothing, so they don’t appear to have realtime stock for iPhone X.

  • Krexen

    Yeah I’ve been trying to do the reserve and pick up for a while at Rideau and it always takes me to home screen for some reason when I try to complete it. When did you happen to go and pick it up? I may try to do the same thing later this week

  • Dr. AL

    I just strolled in at 9:39 when it opened to look at the two colours.

    Then asked and they had stock. One person was buying one, and when I checked they had only one of each in the 256Gb colours. Didn’t ask about 64Gb.

  • Krexen

    I’ll give that a shot, thanks!

  • sgdnfan

    This method worked for me (in Vancouver)! Although, with a slight twist…

    Last night at ~11pm PST I got a flurry of emails saying there was 256GB stock at Oakridge. I went into the app, and chose “Reserve for Pickup” option — it was telling me to check back at 6am.

    So what I did instead was (via the app) select the model that I wanted (256GB Space Grey), click “Pickup at Store”, and from there I was able to select Oakridge. It went through and I was able to pick them up no issues! Again, I did this at 11pm after I received the emails from iStockNow.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Harold Neal

    FINALLY!!! Six days of 6am. Apple store app refresh has paid off….pickup at Apple Store today…