How to Setup Pebble iOS 7 Notifications the Right Way [Tutorial]


Yesterday, Pebble Smartwatch app version 1.3.0 went live in the App Store, introducing smartwatch firmware v1.13.0 with support for Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) for iOS 7 users, which now makes it possible to get every single notification from the iPhone to your Pebble. However, when you install the latest Pebble iOS app, you are presented with a guide to help you manage all your Pebble notifications on iOS 7. For some, including myself, the guide didn’t seem to work initially but after some trial and error, I think I’ve found the fix.


As shown in the screenshot above, the fifth step of the guide tells you to select “Banners” alert style for the apps for which you want to receive notifications on your Pebble. Now, many of my apps’ alerts are already set to “Banners” with badges and sounds, but they do not appear in Notification Center. After following the guide, I tested notifications for a couple of apps already setup as explained, only to find out that nothing was being sent to my Pebble.

I then played around with a number of combinations, such as leaving the alert style to “None” and toggling “Show on Lockscreen” and “Show Preview” options in Notification Settings. Eventually, I discovered that the one essential step that gets you all the iPhone notifications to your Pebble is not to select “Banners” as the app’s alert style, but is actually to enable “Show in Notification Center”.

Screen 2

So, even if you select “None” as the alert style and disable “Show on Lockscreen”, only having the “Show in Notification Center” option enabled will get you all your iPhone notifications to your Pebble. Simply put, anything that shows up in your Notification Center will be sent to your Pebble smartwatch, no matter what your Badges, Sounds, Alerts and other Notification Settings are.

Let me know if this helped you guys!


  • Meagan

    I have an iphone 4 with ios 7 and I have a pebble, I connected the pebble then tried to connect it the second time on the app to get notifitions it wont connect after like 5 days its started to get notifitions to it but after a few days its stopped working again I have everything I want to go to it in banner and show in notitiftion center on and it still doesn’t get anything but calls, I reset phone and pebble like 30 times still doesn’t work and the pebble wont get third party apps notifitions to it either what do I do??

  • I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your Pebble. Somehow, I’ve not yet come across such an issue. Also, you’ve already done many times what I would advise too i.e un-pair and then re-pair your Pebble, but apparently that hasn’t fixed your problem. What I would suggest now is that if possible, try to restore your iPhone 4 to the latest iOS 7 from scratch, then install the Pebble app form the App Store and pair your Pebble as new device. See if it works. In case it doesn’t, you may need to contact Pebble support!

  • Meagan

    I’ve tried that too doesn’t work and I contacted pebble support no reply yet

  • Try searching the forums:

  • desh

    for Iphone 4 and iOS 7 there are a lot of issues for which even the forums dont give a concrete answer

  • I appreciated this advice. I started going through and disabling lock screen notifications on my busiest apps and it has definitely cut down the time I spend handling my phone! Thank you for this tip!