How to Use the Files App on Your iPad [VIDEO]


Apple Support has shared a new video tutorial on how to use the Files app on your iPad. For those unaware, the Files app lets iOS users store their important documents and files in one convenient place.

How to use files app ipad

The video below details how to find locations within the Files app, add a new folder, add files and also how to recover files or folders (you have 30 days to recover deleted files):

If you want more information on how to use the Files app, check out Apple’s support document here.

Last week, Apple started uploading new iPad video tutorials to YouTube, as part of its new website section called “How to do even more with iPad.


  • LouisDC

    I really like how multiple selection works! You drag the first file, then use a second finger to select other files. This is pretty intuitive, and much simpler than using a “select” button like in Photos.