How to Watch Apple’s iPhone 6 Event Live Stream from Windows on a PC


Apple’s live streaming events require either a Mac, iOS device or Apple TV. That means if you’re a Windows user on a PC, you’re out of luck. Luckily, there is a way around this so you can watch today’s iPhone 6 event in Windows, using VLC. It’s a similar workaround to what we posted back in 2010 for the company’s September Music Event.

Here are the updated details, according to Reddit user amgpower62:

1. Download VLC Player from here:
2. Install it and everything, make sure it works correctly.
3. Open the program. Click on Media (top left) > Open Network Stream.
4. You will see this screen:
5. Paste this link into that field:
6. Click Play. If you see a video with sound like so:

Ss+ 2014 09 08+at+06 53 18

User this link:

The link to paste into VLC will not go live until 10AM PST/1PM EDT (6PM GMT). So check back to this page at 10AM and we’ll update the link you need to paste in, or visit the Reddit page here. Let us know how this works for you!



  • matt

    Will it work if I download vlc app on an android tablet? NOBODY TORCH ME FOR HAVING AN ANDROID TABLET PLEASE, IM A TECH LOVER LIKE YOU STILLZ LOLZ

  • Not working for me. Anyone else?

  • bill

    Just a test pattern , for me

  • Dartagnan

    Nope. Just a revolving test pattern.

  • Your Daddy

    it did work for me from time to time, but when the video is buffering, they display the part where people were just entering the building. and then returns to the current show then it will break down and hang up. then i will restart it and the same thing will happen.