How to Install ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD Glass for iPhone 6 Plus [VIDEO]


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If you just received your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and want to protect the screen, ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD Glass protectors are some to consider. Our Kris Meador shows you how to execute the perfect installation on the invisibleSHIELD Glass he purchased after the iPhone 6 launch.

The invisibleSHIELD Glass is made out of tempered glass and comes with an oil-resistant nano-coating making it easy to clean, all coming in at 0.4mm thin so you won’t notice it on your phone. It retails for $34.99 online but can be found locally at major retailers.

Click here to learn more about the invisibleSHIELD Glass for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


  • FuriousPete

    How do I install an invisible shield on my invisible iPhone 6 plus . Still waiting on Rogers reservation system to come through 🙁

  • DravenInc

    you and me both, FuriousPete. I was #1 for my reservation, but then came to find out the rep ordered the wrong color (ordered over the phone as the Reservation system for Business was down)…once it got corrected to the right color, i was #500.

  • hub2

    A friend tried putting one of these on her 5c screen, but was left with bubbles or lint that remained highly visible after a couple days. She eventually got it done “professionally” at one of the kiosks in the mall, for about $35 taxes in, so her original shield was a wasted $20.

    Having tried applying similar products on 3 different iPhones myself and never being satisfied with the results (my place is just too dusty), I think next time I’ll go the same route.

  • leafstom

    Would we need to do this if this had a Sapphire Display?

  • DravenInc

    that being said, this Glass one looks much easier to install than most others.
    I had the Zagg HD one for my 5s, and wouldn’t think about doing that one myself.

  • Tim

    I ordered the same thing from China on ebay. Cost less than $3 shipping included.

  • gerry

    Best Buy and Future Shop sells it for $44.99

  • Tins

    i have it on my 6 plus. worth the purchase.

  • DravenInc

    Thanks! My 6 Plus is on the way, but I’ve got a Glass shield ready and waiting for it.

  • gtasscarlo

    Now Gary if you can give a loyal reader an iPhone 6! Hint hint!

  • nosnoop

    Oh boy, these glass protectors look awful on iPhone 6.
    Because of the curved screen edge, they have to be so far away from the edge, and with the thickness of the glass, they look so so obvious – and the name of the shield is ironic; as it is anything but “invisible”.

    I really wanted to try of these glass protector, but it just does not work on iPhone 6.
    Even normal screen protector is a problem – all leaving a large gap around the phone. But at least they are very thin, and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe wet application ones can get around the curved glass edge, but I am not a fan of those wet application protectors.

  • Lopes66

    Anyone else get this screen protector? I’m curious about it but waiting for more reviews.

    How thick does it look on the phone? Does it look okay with the curved screen edges (I know it doesn’t cover it all) but does it look cheesy?

  • K.

    I personnally prefer the clear-coat brand. Not sure when they’ ll have the one for ip6 though…

  • JfromC

    I purchased the iPhone 6P Zagg Glass. and it is really disappointing, I’ve used Zaggs for years but on the iPhone 6P the glass adhesive doesn’t stick clearly around it’s edge. It’s not for lack of experience using screen protectors.

    I installed it centered perfectly on the iPhone’s screen and there is a visible non-adhered edge all the way around mine. After paying over 50 dollars after tax for this in Canada, I’m really disappointed.

    I’ve sent Zagg a complaint and submitted a refund request… I will say that the surface is really glass like, but I would prefer one of the more malleable Zaggs for the iPhone 6.. Though there only seems to be the Glass out at this time.

  • JfromC

    This glass “Case Friendly” version which is the only one they have out at this time does sit far from the edge of the glass, but when the IPhone 6 is in, for instance, the Apple iPhone 6 case, it doesn’t look so bad. I would rather have a screen protector than a scratched forever screen.

  • Kris Meador

    I’m a bit confused. Are you saying the sides don’t stick? If so, you may just have a bad one. Mine has no adheisive issues. It sticks perfectly. Very odd, but thanks for sharing.

  • Kris Meador

    It’s not very thick at all. It’s surprisingly thin compared to others I’ve tried.
    It only covers the touch screen area, so yes, to some it may look odd on the phone and it not reaching out all the way, but it doesn’t bother me at all.
    I’d rather protect my screen than worry about if it looks silly or not.

  • Kris Meador

    As someone who’s used a lot of glass screen protectors, this one is nice anf thin. And yes, it does only cover the touch screen portion, so to some it may look odd. But when you’re using the phone you never even notice it. At least I don’t. Sure, if I actively look at it or for it I can really see it, but in normal day use I don’t even know it’s there.
    But again, I’ve used many glass screen shields and I’m used to them. So for me it’s no big deal, but to other, like yourself it may not be the perfect fit.

  • Kris Meador

    Good question. Likely not.

  • Kris Meador

    It is easier. I HATE the ‘dry’ install shields as I always make mistakes and then stuff gets underneath, but with the Glass ones I’ve tried, they’ve been so easy to put on.
    But I do much prefer the ‘wet’ install screen shields if I’m not going with glass.

  • JfromC

    Well there is most definitely a 1-2mm non-adhered edge around my iPhone 6P Zagg Glass. Perhaps mine is defective, I wonder if Zagg will respond to my refund request…

  • Rfitz

    Mine has this same issue. Just put it on yesterday

  • JfromC

    I’ve been in contact with Zagg regarding my complaints in the Disqus message I posted here earlier. They now have Zagg InvisibleShield Original, and HDXs available for the iPhone 6/6+. On the 19th there was only Zagg Glass available so I purchase that. Anyway, I was given a free shipping code so I have registered my Glass with my Zagg account and have ordered a warranty replacement HDX version InvisibleShield for iPhone 6+ with the free shipping code they gave me for my troubles..

  • Steve

    I have the same issue, will go back to ATT store to get another one.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Good to hear.

  • Steve

    Just got back from ATT and I made them put in another one; the result is the same. Looks like there is a slight curvature and that is making it not stick on the sides. Hopefully Zagg will address this issue.

  • That’s annoying. Definitely let ZAGG know.

  • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

    I am having the same issue on my phone on the right side of the phone!!! dont know whats going on but somthing needs to be done!!! we paid good money for these screen protectors.

  • Ashley

    I have the iphone 6, we we’re out of town & stopped by a sprint store & bought a case (ballistic) & the glass screen protector & the sprint lady said she would place everything on for me so i let her. She brought me the phone & i left, didnt realize she keep my boxes for everything but anyways got on our 3 hr drive home & i notice the bottom right corner has a air bubble, so i use a card to fix it but i came to see that how far she put the protector on that the case hits the corners & causes the right one to not stick. Also i hate the fact i paid so much for something that i wasnt told it wouldn’t cover my entire screen. This is my first time owning this as well as owning the iphone, i have always been android & all screen protector’s covered the entire thing, edge to edge, but i will be going back to sprint because i will not pay over $60 for 2 items thats not even working correctly. Dust as already begun getting on the sides of the screen protector & there is nothing i can do besides blow or wipe it away…Very disappointing because i was really looking forward to using this product. I have always used normal protectors so thought for sure this would blow me away BUT nope sure didn’t…..If it wasn’t for the corner & the dust getting caught between screen edge & case i would love it because i can see everything so clear inside or outside but this issue is a huge turn off on for this….

  • Erwin

    Hi, I just bought the privacy glass but didn’t install it yet, just want to hear first if anybody in the forum have used the privacy glass and how dark the screen looks like once installed.