How to Find your iPhone 7 UPS Tracking Number in Canada


First iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 pre-orders made last week are set to arrive for this week’s launch on Friday, September 16th (that is if you got the first wave).

If you want to find your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus tracking number from UPS, here’s how to do right now, if your phone is in the “Preparing for Shipment” phase.

1. Go to, click on the Tracking tab, then go to “Track by Reference”.

2. Under “Shipment Reference”, enter in your phone number without dashes

3. Keep “Shipment Date Range” to default.

4. Select “Canada” as your “Destination Country”.

5. Click TRACK.

Screenshot 2016 09 14 11 40 09

You should see some results, such as ours below, which show your UPS tracking number, plus the location of your product, and the shipping method. You can click on the tracking number for a further breakdown of its activity as well:

Iphone 7 ups tracking number

For those not signed up, a MY UPS CHOICE account will also share when packages will arrive with alerts plus estimated delivery times.

As with previous iPhone pre-orders, UPS shipments won’t update until the last minute, so that means either Thursday afternoon or evening, so be patient.

One of the must-have apps to track your Apple orders is Deliveries for iOS and Mac ($6.99 each). The app also allows you to punch in your Apple order number, plus your email account to get tracking as well, in real-time.

Let us know if your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus UPS tracking number is available right now! Where is your package?

Update: You can also enter in your phone number to track your Rogers reservation as well.


  • Daniel Johnson

    I ordered mine within the first minute. But I had to wait 1-2 weeks for shipping. I guess that’s because it’s a 7+ JB 128GB. And with my ordeal changing addresses it kinda went another week behind means I might not get it until sept 30. Here’s to hoping it comes on my original date or sooner.

    So far no tracking info for me.

  • Daniel

    Last Location:
    Departed – Incheon, Korea, Republic of, Thursday, 09/15/2016 . I don’t have a UPS account so thats all the information i can get.

    Talk about waiting till last second to get it here .

  • Ace

    Does this apply to my Watch order as well? its in preparing for shipment with delivery date on 16th but nothing showing on UPS:(

  • That’s how Apple is working now. they dont want customer to get the phone before… and UPS doesn’t hold the package in Canada.

    So Apple status will change when the device gets in Canada… so it’s why this trick is nice to see the shipping info from China.

  • Yes

  • Daniel

    They sure aren’t leaving any room for possible weather delays (like a giant Hurricane) or any other possible delays .

  • Ace

    Not sure why my Watch doesn’t have tracking yet when its supposed to arrive in 2 days.

  • RJP

    Anyone know from previous years how the Rogers shipping happens? Do they also ship so that we get it on launch day, or do they start shipping on launch day? I have Rogers business and I am #7 in queue for 7+ 128 in gold and #7 in queue for 7+ 128 in black…kinda cool to have both 7 for the launch of the 7.

  • Bobby Dhillon

    Any news for telus pre orders?

  • Michael C

    anyone doing in store pick up on Friday ? mine still said processing … 🙁

  • Yep… I know.
    I remember from last year… It was not great and almost got delayed because they got to Montreal or Canada on Friday morning late… and got delayed to customs etc… I know some didn’t make it on Friday. But that was last year…

    So far, this year… it’S good 🙂

  • Mohammed Al Sarraf

    my apple watch was shipped on the 10th and my iPhone was shipped yesterday

  • Francis Paquette

    Same for me…

  • Nick

    Did anyone’s 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black, with original 1-2, or 2-3 weeks shipping times ship earlier?

  • Dhubert

    Incheon, Korea, Republic of 09/15/2016 1:35 A.M.Departure Scan

  • iPhone 7 Plus with an arrival scan at Louisville, Kentucky as of 1:08 this morning.

  • The time stamps are also obviously in local time — either that, or the packages are travelling through a time portal…. Mine arrived in Anchorage about 12 hours before it left Korea 🙂

  • I have a matte black iPhone 7 Plus on order that came up with a “6-8 business days” shipping date, and it’s still in the “processing” stage at this point, with an expected arrival of Sept. 26 via “expedited shipping” (although I think that’s a conservative estimate).

  • pg_72

    I found mine yesterday thanks to comment by someone on here…thought the same thing about the time stamps, haha

  • Dhubert

    Now in Anchorage Ak as of 1:26 lcl time

  • Daniel

    Mine just did the same . We must be on the same plane lol

  • Let’s hope there aren’t snakes on the plane

  • Dhubert

    Ups 109is my guest for the next flight

  • Doug

    Same here, tracking doesn’t work with my phone number for the Watch.

  • Apple fan

    I just checked on Rogers and my place in line has dropped significantly. Two days after placing my order (with #14) I realized I’d ordered the 7 and not the 7+ I wanted and had to CANCEL and reorder… I ended up with #976!!! I almost cried!!!!! Im now #712 so it went down over 200 since this morning when I’d last checked…

  • Michael C

    yeah i have the same thing .. with “6-8 business days” shipping date.

  • Kirk

    Got my tracking number added it to the Deliveries app and it’s in the states.. Wonder if this applies to everything that I ordered? The watch, extra headphone adaptor and iPhone all have the same day so I don’t know? September 16.

  • Keenan

    That’s what I was wondering too called them today and they just said all iPhone swill ship by September 23rd….

  • Keenan

    Wish the Telus preorders would ship before the 23 but losing hope as now news yet. I placed my order at 3:02 am ….. 128 the matte black 7 plus

  • Bobby Dhillon

    is there any chance they will ship like last year or year before that ? Last year people received on launch day

  • windsorsean

    Mine is showing Alaska as of 13:26.

  • Keenan

    I sure hope but they would not let on that it was going to happen when I called them today on the phone

  • Keenan

    Will be kinda in happy if they do hold them for a week would of went with bell or rogers to get it on the 16thh

  • Bobby Dhillon

    and telus was first carrier to open pre order lol

  • you’re not the only one.

  • Anyone have success with Apple Watches with this method?

  • windsorsean

    Moved to Kentucky last night. Got the official “item shipped” email from Apple this morning (4:28AM ET).

  • TheOne

    My 7plus Black 256GB shows shipped now :))

    Louisville, KY, US
    09/15/2016 1:05 A.M.
    Arrival Scan

  • Mine was in Kentucky early yesterday morning, although I got the “Shipped” notification at the same time this mornings. Clearly Apple just sent them all out in one batch.

  • So when my silver went to “Shipped” this morning my black also updated to “Preparing for Shipment”

  • It’s also worth noting for anybody having trouble that the tracking phone number appears to be the number associated with the credit card on the order, which may differ for some people from the shipping address phone number.

  • holly

    My order (2 x 128 iPhone Plus Silver) is in Louisville, KY, but there is no delivery estimate for the tracking order. Usually UPS will state date and estimated time frame for delivery. Apple order page says that the 16th is the estimated delivery date. I actually have two other packages being delivered to me by UPS tomorrow, so hope that increases the odds that I’ll receive my delivery earlier, rather then later, and hopefully all three will arrive at once, so I can get on with my day. lol!

  • Ace

    Finally got an email with the tracking number today:) hopefully the watch will arrive tomorrow as indicated.

  • This is still a “World Ease” shipment at this point, which means that there are probably a few thousand iPhones travelling in one big shipping crate or pallet, which get broken down later at the various depots — Louisville, KY is UPS’ main worldwide distribution centre, or “Worldport.”

    Based on past experience, delivery dates aren’t assigned by UPS’ systems until the individual shipments are broken out from the World Ease for individual delivery.

  • TheOne

    Haven’t bought apple care for the 7plus yet.

  • pg_72

    thanks for all that info…I kinda wondered why mine was sitting in Louisville for so long

  • Bullite

    Funny departed twice from louisville 😉
    Louisville, KY, United States
    09/15/2016 17:12 Departure Scan
    09/15/2016 15:00 Departure Scan
    09/15/2016 1:27 Arrival Scan

  • As of around 1 AM my black just changed to “Shipped” with a due date now of Sept. 23, although it’s “expedited shipping” so I wonder if it might beat even that date.

  • TheOne

    A late flight! ????
    But looks like it’s still on schedule.
    Should be on a truck shortly.

  • Ugh.

    “A late flight has caused a delay. We’re adjusting plans and working to deliver your package as quickly as possible. / Your shipment is scheduled to arrive today after the delivery commitment time.”

  • holly

    I have the same message, but I called them and they said it might not be delivered today. If I don’t see a ‘destination scan’ prior to 12 pm today, if it’s after 12 pm, it will be delivered next business day, i.e. Monday! Seriously wonder if this is just an excuse, given the extra work load, to cover themselves for not getting everything delivered today. 🙁

  • Yeah, “Departure Scan” from Mississauga is leaving the main distribution centre for the area — it still has to go to a local distribution centre, get sorted, and then get put onto a truck for delivery, and of course most of the trucks are already rolling.

    Even if it was on a truck now, there aren’t any guarantees. One of my previous pre-orders was “Out for delivery” first thing in the morning, but I guess the driver just ran out of time as it never arrived — an “exception” showed Friday evening rescheduling for Monday. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve never had an iPhone pre-order arrive on launch day….

  • holly

    Where are you located? I’m in downtown Toronto, wonder if that helps?

  • So mine got a “Destination Scan” at Concord at 9:54 AM. That’s the local distribution centre for Toronto proper, so there’s still a faint ray of hope…. However, I’ve also been down this road before…. If all the trucks are out already, it sits there at the local depot until the next business day to get onto a truck.

    This is where I really wish UPS had their act together to allow for more efficient pickups. The depot is a ten minute drive from here, and at this point the package is physically sitting there, but may end up having to wait for three days just to get put on a truck. UPS won’t allow pickups until there’s been at least one failed delivery attempt.

  • Uptown Toronto (old York, specifically), so it might help a bit. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath as I’ve been down this road with UPS before. Most of the trucks roll out before 9AM, and unless they have more trucks going out today — which would be a special exception — it’s going to be Monday.

  • holly

    I have a Destination Scan for Toronto, 9:06, but still no info that it’s actually out for delivery. 🙁

  • Well, I just called UPS and according to the rep I spoke to, “Destination Scan” equals “out for delivery” apparently.

    That seems to confirm what you were told earlier — and she mentioned the 12pm cutoff as well — and although the delivery information online doesn’t reflect this, she was insistent that according to her systems it is scheduled for delivery by the end of the day today — however that can also be as late as 7PM for residential addresses.

  • Entering in your phone number under Reference can help you track your Rogers shipment as well.

  • TheOne

    That’s good news Jesse.
    Jesse & Holly thanks for following up with UPS and sharing your findings.

    My destination scan is;

    Concord, ON, CA
    09/16/2016 9:49 A.M.
    Destination Scan

    By the way for the past few years I always have received my phone on the launch day, usually mid afternoon!
    *I live in downtown.

  • TheOne

    Now this is getting bizzar!
    Check out the screen shot.

    Why is the time stamp is suddenly messed up now?????

  • holly

    Yup, was just going to comment about this, I have the same message. WTF?

  • ~Ivy~

    I have the exact same message! Mine was Destination Scanned and out for delivery at 9:20 today, then changed to this Clearance in Progress message with a time stamp of 11:52?! Big WTF. I’m hoping their system is messed up and the truck will show up anytime now.

  • holly

    Where are you located? I’m waiting on hold for UPS now, will update after I speak with them.

  • ~Ivy~

    I’m in Kingston!

  • I’m suspecting it’s a paperwork thing, as opposed to anything that actually affects the physical package delivery, but I’m calling UPS now to find out…

  • So, good news and no need to panic 🙂

    I just spoke to UPS…. A scan for information that happened previously was uploaded late, and was actually uploaded at a facility in New Brunswick (hence the “future” time stamp). My package is still on target for delivery today.

  • holly

    Called UPS about the “We currently have the package. The receiver requested clearance by a non-UPS broker. / As requested, the package was transferred to a Free Trade Zone or a non-UPS broker.” message. They said that’s just an automatic message, that Apple has already pre-cleared the package, so not to worry. However I have two iPhone coming, one has a destination scan of Toronto, which hopefully means it’s out for delivery, the other one has only an arrival scan in Concord Ontario, so that one may not deliver until Monday. 🙁 I’m hoping that UPS will just show up with both of them, I have two other deliveries (other packages from the US) arriving today as well, not likely they’ll all arrive together, but it would be nice. Will update here when I receive the iPhone(s).

  • Yup, and I was told that it was simply a timestamp for something that happened earlier on a mobile terminal that didn’t get uploaded to the main system until about an hour ago. It was also apparently uploaded at a facility in New Brunswick, which is why the timestamp is in the future.

  • ~Ivy~

    UPS was just here and I’ve got my phone! Hope all of yours arrive asap 🙂

  • TheOne

    Makes sense now.

  • TheOne

    I’m happy to hear what you’ve been told.

    Seemed like the rep I talked to was a freshly hired apprentice!
    She didn’t have any remotely logical answer to any questions ????

  • holly

    How exciting! Which one did you get? Also, did you have the message about the flight being delayed? I have never seen the ‘out for delivery’, I just have a Destination Scan for one of them, not for the other. 🙁

  • TheOne

    Fingers crossed

  • ~Ivy~

    The 32GB in Rose Gold, upgrading from my 5S 🙂
    I never had the flight delayed message, but I did have the confusing clearance in progress bit. Hope yours shows up soon!

  • holly

    Ok, so of the two that I had ordered, one has arrived. The one that arrived didn’t have a Destination Scan, it only had an arrival scan for Concord. The other one, which hasn’t arrived as of yet, has a Destination Scan of Toronto, which is suppose to mean it’s out for delivery, so hopefully it will arrive soon! (FYI, both are Silver iPhone 7 Plus 128GB)

  • That’s good news. While it would be sadly ironic if the one with a destination scan doesn’t get there today, I think this suggests your chances of it showing up are pretty good.

    Arrival scan doesn’t normally mean it’s out, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen things miss scans. I once had a package show up from UPS that didn’t even say it was at Concord in the first place, although the driver confirmed that’s where it came from.

  • TheOne

    Wonderful Holly!
    Let’s hope you get your second one before the end of the day as well.

    Anxiously waiting for mine

  • holly

    Received the second one just now! So for those of you watching the info on the ups site, it’s definitely not accurate!

  • holly

    Second one just arrived! 🙂 Hope yours arrives soon!

  • Yup, mine JUST arrived too. SYNC! 🙂

  • LUCKY!

  • TheOne


  • TheOne


  • pg_72

    I called about this message as well…unfortunately, the rep I got just said that it means the package won’t be delivered until Monday. It didn’t make any sense to me, since I very clearly saw the status of “On vehicle for delivery”, so I escalated. Supervisor didn’t know what to make of it either, ended up calling the depot in Dartmouth (I’m in Halifax, NS), and then assured me it was still on vehicle for delivery today.

  • Wow. I’ve clearly gotten lucky both times I’ve called today — the UPS reps I got knew exactly what was going on, and I barely needed to ask for any clarification at all (really just about the time stamp).

  • pg_72

    yeah…the rep I got even tried to refuse the escalation…absolutely no help at all.

  • TheOne

    We might’ve gotten the exact same rep lol
    Was her name Aisha by any chance? Haha

    That was exactly what happened when I called today!

    She sounded like a freshly hired apprentice and tried to refuse the escalation as well without being able to make any sense of it all ????

  • pg_72

    not the same one…mine was Jade, haha

  • TheOne

    Left the house 15 minutes ago to go to the gym and just got the notification that my concierge has received my package!

    I guess now the phone needs to wait for me for a couple of hours. lol

  • LadeeDa

    Your Instructions are wrong. The first thing that happens when you go to UPS dot calm is you are prompted for your location, and option to save it. You then are in the UPS content web page which looks nothing at all like the blue green rectangle box appearing when following the written instructions, there’s no “ship reference number option”, there is no shipment reference number. The only accurate pics are the the last two greenish and grey images for “track by reference”. I suggest you remove the 1st image and change your instructions accordingly, but most people can track their package without your incorrect instructions.

  • Beth

    I pre-ordered the iPhone 7+ 32 GB in Rose Gold on September 9th at 6:15 am. My reservation told me I was 10th in line. On September 19th I checked my reservation and it said I was 7th in line. Its now September 23rd, and my reservation only went down 1 que this week to number 6 in line. Worst part is I called the Rogers store I am supposed to pick it up at and they told me if I went from 10th in line to 7th in line over the weekend, then I should be getting my phone this week (between Sept. 19-23). I ended up selling my original phone, thinking I would get my new one this week, based on what the Rogers store told me. But based on the stats, it could be weeks before I get the phone if it’s only going down by one que a week.