How to Install the 2nd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat [VIDEO]



I recently purchased the Nest Learning Thermostat. I’ve been wanting one for a year now. Since buying it I’ve received a lot of questions, from how easy is it to install and is it worth the $250 price tag?

So I thought some of our fine readers may have the same questions, so I put together a little video showing just how easy it is to install. Have a watch.

As you can see, it’s so simple. It should take you less than 30 minutes, and that includes the setup after you turn the power back on.

As for my first impressions, I’m very impressed so far. It’s a lot more sturdy than I had expected. It’s easy to control, and when you download the App to your iOS device, you can control the temperature in your home from anywhere.

It takes about a month for Nest to start providing you with information about energy savings. I’m looking forward to see if it delivers on its promise. So yes, once I start getting those results I’ll have a full review.

Let me know what you think of the Nest Learning Thermostat. Is it something you’ve been interested in? Do you already have one? Let us know in the comments.

You can get the second generation Nest from for $249 or the first gen for $199.


  • Mike

    I have wood heat as my primary. Does it have a ventilate feature to run the furnace fan without heat?

  • fredf

    I haven’t used a Nest but researched it fairly extensively last year. If you already have a smart set-back thermostat it doesn’t offer a whole lot to make the extra cost worthwhile, in my opinion.
    Do some research. A lot of people are having problems with them.

  • Richard

    Great you’re letting readers know about Nest. It’s fantastic, we’ve been using one for several months now and have noticed a real savings. The more control via iPhone is very useful. I’m starting to see them at Home Depot and other locations as well now.

  • Richard

    Yes it does

  • Andre

    I installed one last summer. Works great. I turned off the learning feature and programmed it myself as our schedule is all over the place . I think it does better than the old programable we had with features like auto away and control it from my iPhone.

  • John

    I have three Nests in my house, two of them for over a year. They all work flawlessly. I don’t use the learning feature, but instead program them through the internet (computer, iPad, or iPhone). Two of them control 220V baseboard heaters. This is an off-label use, but is easily accomplished with the use of a relay and a transformer to power the Nest (you can also buy a combination relay/transformer very cheaply). I get monthly emails detailing usage, but can check anytime on the internet to see exactly when each heating appliance (furnace or baseboard heaters) was in use throughout the day. Software updates automatically through the internet.

  • ABetterWorld

    Now, that is a well designed product. I want Nest to make more.

  • Marc

    Been using Nest since last October and love it. Easy to use, and encourages conservation by displaying a leaf in the display when savings are happening. Currently programmed a schedule and l love being able to check status and usage from my iPhone.

  • Dave M

    I bought a 2nd generation Nest about 2 week ago from Home Depot. Aside from some WiFi issues due to a dual band router, it has been great.

    There are other iOS friendly thermostats out there, but they don’t look as nice on the wall, nor does the software feel as they it was designed for IOS like the Nest does.

  • Andrew

    I just installed a 2nd generation Nest less than a week ago. Very easy to install and it’s working well so far. Looking forward to see how it starts reacting once it learns my schedule.

  • roberto aste

    Hy John I want to install a nest with my Baxi boiler and where I live (chile) we use 220v.

    I bought a rele/transformer.

    Can you help me with the conection? if you can make it “for Dummies” that would be great.