How to Pair Apple’s Remote App with your New Apple TV 4


One of the biggest gripes with the new Apple TV (4th gen) was the lack of support for the Remote iOS app. This meant users were required to peck in passwords and such, making it a major pain to setup and download apps on the device.

But today’s release of tvOS 9.1 has changed that, as the Remote app can now control your new shiny Apple TV.

How to add your new Apple TV to the Remote app?

1. Launch the Remote app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. On your Apple TV (updated to tvOS 9.1!), go to Settings >  Remotes and Devices > Remote App:

IMG 1430

Next, ‘Pairable Devices’ should show the name of your iOS device—click it:

IMG 1431

From here, just enter the 4-digit code shown on the Remote app to pair:

IMG 1432

Once you’ve done that, the Remote app will be able to control your Apple TV 4! It’s such a beautiful thing, knowing you’ll have full keyboard access on your iPhone or iPad, and no longer need to peck with the new keyboard.

Screen322x572 8

We did notice once the Remote app shows almost a ‘blank’ screen after selecting your Apple TV, but just tap on ‘Control’ along the bottom to get to the remote section.

Let us know how this quick tutorial works for you!

Click here to download Remote for iOS in the App Store.


  • shinratdr

    Thank god. The ATV4 is already one of my favorite set top boxes. Day one it blew away my old Google TV and Roku 3 even at their peak, but this was truly annoying.

  • Yeah it’s a great device, apps make it pretty awesome. Was waiting patiently for Remote support!

  • jabohn

    Sentence after the first screenshot… “Parable devices”. Are these devices that tell stories?

  • Yes lol

  • tomm

    I never got the display asking for the 4 digit code, as soon as I clicked on the Apple TV icon on my phone, I got the dark display, as if it was already working. The same thing happened after rebooting the Apple TV and the iPhone, but finally I tried to type some search terms on Youtube and it worked and navigating the apps on Apple TV also worked using the dark screen just like it used to work with my Apple TV3. I wonder if it did not ask for the 4 digit code because I used the same setup with Apple TV3? The only device that is the same is the iPhone 6, so perhaps it had some data on that? Or the home sharing?

  • tomm

    So now the only thing I am mussing from the AppleTV 3 is the bull-in Radio app, it was great for FREE streaming music. I guess Apple wants now to charge for the same thing, good luck to them.

  • J

    Can you pair 2 iPhones (wife’s and mine) at the same time?

  • Haven’t tried that before but it should work in theory!

  • johnnygoodface

    Or you simple start the Remote app, enable the Home sharing on the app, then magically the Apple TV 4 will show up in the list of available devices on the app… Select it and you’re good to go… no pairing needed

  • Léon

    In addition to my iPad, I’ve paired my wife’s iPhone and her Apple Watch with no issues.