How to Save 15-20% Off Google Drive Storage Subscriptions


Google Drive for iOS recently was updated to support Apple’s in-app purchases for monthly and annual storage subscriptions. What does this mean? Those who fund their iTunes account with discounted 15-20% iTunes cards will be able to save on these storage subscriptions for the first time.

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Normally, prices for Google Drive storage are available for $2.79/month for 100GB, $13.99/month for 1TB and $139.99/month for 10TB (there are more expensive options available).

If you fund your Google Drive subscriptions with discounted 20% iTunes cards (from Costco’s period sales), the prices work out to:

  • $2.25/month for 100GB ($26.80 annually)
  • $11.21/month for 1TB ($134.52 annually; Google lets you prepay annually on the web for 17% off, too)
  • $22.41/month for 2TB ($268.92 annually)
  • $112.01/month for 10TB ($1334.12 annually)

Currently Staples has 15% off iTunes cards until August 29th. A 20% off sale from Costco probably will appear sometime this fall.

Other savings possible with these discounted iTunes cards funding your Apple account? Any digital purchase from Apple, such as apps, games, music, subscriptions (Netflix, NHL, etc) and more.

Google Drive launched five years ago, and since then prices have come down a lot in price (1TB used to be $49.99 USD per month). In July, Google Backup and Sync was launched for Mac and Windows users, allowing users to backup files and photos to Google Drive.


  • tdotpawel

    or you could just pay annually through google drive website and save 16%-17% and pay with a cashback credit card for an extra 1%-2% savings 🙂
    100GB – $27.99/year (save 16%)
    1TB – $139.99/year (save 17%)

  • makeittalk

    Stocking up at 20% discounts on iTunes cards makes sense for ANY and ALL purchases through the App Store. I pay for my Apple Music subscription that way.

    Having said that though (and I use Google Photos as a second backup), even with this discount, G-Drive still can’t compare in value to OneDrive. A family subscription to Microsoft Office 365 costs $99 for up to 5 persons in my family, each gets a sharable 1TB of space and we all get real Office for free! Just on storage cost alone, that’s still 35% better. Throwing in real Office vs Google Docs makes $99 a steal.

    Until a better deal comes along… 🙂

  • Or buy iTunes cards with your cash back credit card to fund these annual subscriptions–save 20% plus your cash back, for 21-22% savings–even better 😀