Top 5 Notification Center Jailbreak Tweaks [Video]


One of my favourite changes when iOS 5 came along was Notification Center. But with most Apple implementations, it’s fairly locked down. Enter the Jailbreak community.

Some developers have added many more functions to Notification Center, making it more useful and powerful.

So in this video I go over my Top 5 Notification Center Jailbreak tweaks that I’m using right now.

The tweaks mentioned in this video include:

  • BlurriedNCBackgroud (Free) – allows you to blur out the background, or add colour to Notification Center.
  • WeeFlashlight (Free) – adds flashlight function to Notification Center. You need an iOS deice with a flash.
  • MusicCenter ($1.49) – control your music from within Notification Center as well as tweet out what you’re listening to.
  • SlideCenter (Free) – adds a slide show of your pictures from your photo album.
  • Calendar (Free) – adds a calendar to your Notification Center.

As I mentioned in the video, my number one pick is SBSettings, but since I mentioned it in my last Jailbreak video, I didn’t include it in this one.

There a lot more Notification Center Jailbreak tweaks available. Which do you use?




  • rvs007

    Surprised there’s no mention of IntelliscreenX, which is the ultimate tweak for the Notification Center…

  • I’ll take the equally functional but less AHHHHHHHIMAWESOMAANDWHOA! than intelliscreenx, Lockinfo Which, don’t get me wrong, is really good and comes with a free SMS replacement app.

    But I found that while lockinfo doesn’t have some of the same features, isn’t as flashy, I like it quite a bit. Thankfully both have free trials and you can get a taste for both. As well, I bought Lockinfo eons ago, so Intelliscreenx had to REALLY blow me away to drop another $10.

    Weekillbackground is an addiction for me now, too. It is a fantastic addition and clears the entire slew of running apps, preventing me from having to constantly cause refreshing to my open safari pages

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  • anyone know of any good weather widgets ? that show a bit more info then the current one?

  • Anonymous

     Apparently you neither watched the video or read the article and went straight to posting an irrelevant comment.

  • Anonymous

    BlurriedNCBackground is hella awesome! Thanks for the find!

    Had WeeFlashlight since the day I jailbroke my phone. I’ve run into the issue where it displays in NC both where I put it and all the way at the bottom. Cosmetically annoying, but no real functionality issues with it though. 🙁


    Thanks you fucker