ZAGG iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELD Review, Install Tutorial, Contest [VIDEO]

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If you purchased the iPhone 4S, then you probably are using it in a case, naked, or with some sort of film protector. ZAGG finalized their iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELDs and sent us one for review.

The new packages have an extra plastic film that protects the plastic of your shield when it’s in the box. Nice touch. The squeegee and spray bottle have remained the same, plus the inclusion of the lint-free cloth.

As with previous installs, the secret is to have a clean, dust-free area to do the install. Spray down your fingers before peeling the film off the paper to prevent fingerprints, liberally spray the film (and your device–at your own risk!), lay down the film and quickly squeegee out the water. This method results in a bubble-free install, and works perfectly every single time.

Check out the following video tutorial to do the perfect iPhone 4S install:

As much as I love the invisibleSHIELD for its protective qualities and extra grip, there is still a slight ‘orange peel’ effect, but it’s very minimal. It does come down to how well you perform the install, and really it’s not that bad considering the film will protect your precious iPhone from scratches and such. The film has improved since I’ve the days of the original iPhone, that’s for sure. If you’re going to use Apple’s Bumper case, it’ll fit. You just need to ensure the rubber lining along the perimeter is down flat. As for other cases, the film is too thick and cases will ruin your install do proceed with caution.

Check out a couple pictures below of my iPhone 4S, a few days later:

Full body coverage is $24.99US and includes their lifetime replacement warranty and money back guarantee. I would like to see slightly reduced shipping rates to Canada though, as they have increased over the years.

Click here to visit ZAGG.com. Use our coupon code ‘iphoneinca’ to save 20% off pretty much everything else except this order.

CONTEST TIME! Three iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELDs are up for grabs!

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Contest ends on November 17th, 2011, at 11:59PM PST. Good luck!

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