Australian Police Issue Apple Maps Warning After Motorists Stranded



Looks like Apple Maps in iOS 6 has once again received criticism, this time from the Victoria Police covering the Mildura area in Australia. The latter issued a public warning on its website to motorists, notifying them to “be careful” on relying on Apple Maps within iOS 6 after numerous people were led astray and required police assistance to be rescued in recent weeks.

Travellers to Murray-Sunset National Park were lured 70KM away from the actual park by Apple Maps, leaving them stranded (some for up to 24 hours) without food, water or cell reception. The concern is regarding people who are forced to then to travel by foot over treacherous terrain to get a cellphone signal to call for help, in temperatures that can get as high as 46 degrees Celsius:

Tests on the mapping system by police confirm the mapping systems lists Mildura in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, approximately 70km away from the actual location of Mildura.

Police are extremely concerned as there is no water supply within the Park and temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees, making this a potentially life threatening issue.

Australia map

Victoria Police have notified Apple about their concerns and aims to relay the overall message to travellers to not rely on Apple Maps within iOS 6 for travelling to the park. They are encouraging visitors to rely on other maps until this issue is fixed by Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook personally issued a public apology over Apple Maps in iOS 6 back in late September. In his first ever TV interview as CEO with NBC’s Brian Williams, he admitted “we screwed up” when asked about Apple Maps.

The maps snafu resulted in the ousting of Apple iOS chief Scott Forstall. As Apple SVP Eddy Cue has taken over the role of fixing Apple Maps, he has recently fired senior iOS director Richard Williamson and is also seeking outside advice to fix Apple Maps.

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  • Shuttaman

    Yet, people claim the maps are great! LOL WHAT A CROOK OF……. anyways Apple really screwed up, we need google maps NOW!

  • jabohn

    If you’re going some place where the cell coverage is spotty or non-existant, and being stranded could be life-threatening, then why would anyone rely simply on a smart phone for this? Bring an actual printed map for backup! Seems like common sense to me…

  • That’s true. We’ve relied too much on our smartphones, but then again Google Maps has always been pretty accurate. Too bad this isn’t the case with Apple Maps.

  • Dave

    Also don’t use it to navigate to the hospital in Abbotsford BC, it will take you to the old hospital which was demolished in September 2008 which is now a vacant lot! Bad form, I advised Apple of this back when IOS 6 first launched.

  • no jabohn

    LOL, yeah, everybody should carry a magnetic compass now because of Apple Maps. How about you simply shouldn’t use it. I have tried it to find a place in downtown Vancouver, about 1 km away. It told me to drive outside vancouver, take HWY 1 from Burnaby, over Second Narrows bridge, then drive from one end of North Vancouver to the other and drive back into downtown Vancouver via Lions Gate Bridge to my location. I just used the final location and drove there.
    5 min, instead of 1 hour.

  • jabohn

    Yes but would you die from exposure if you took the route Maps suggested?

  • luke

    My samsung s3 will never leave me lost. Apple products are nothing special, media hype leaves most of the world to believe they are, and the high price tag makes you think you’re getting the best.

  • Apple_Sauce

    I am lucky to have friends that drink the Apple Kool Aid who “upgraded” to IOS6 straight away, I avoided the crap “maps” but would like some of the other features if Apple gets their act in gear and goes back to Google Maps. For now, I get to laugh at their stories about IOS6 maps, but it really is getting old, Apple needs to stop apologizing and do something. Perhaps the over paid CEO’s can use the Apple maps and fly around finding problems until they get it working, but until then give us back Google Maps.