Briefly: What’s New in iOS 7 Beta 2 [PICS, UPDATED]


Just two weeks after seeding the first beta of the highly anticipated iOS 7, Apple has seeded iOS 7 beta 2 to developers, which finally adds support for the iPad. Here are a couple of notable improvements brought by the update.

Welcome Screen: with iOS 7 beta 2, users will be greeted by a new welcome screen asking for iCloud credentials, and then asked to turn on iMessages, picking up alternate email addresses.

Siri: The first impression after launching Apple’s virtual assistant is that it loads faster than in beta 1, and users can now choose between a male and female voice. This is the first time the male and female option has been available.



iMessage: The biggest change that captures the eye of iMessage users is the presence of contact photos in case of a group chat. Also, by swiping left, it reveals timestamps.


imessage time stamp

Control Center: The Clock icon has been slightly redesigned. The previously dark icon is now a simple clock outline.


Voice Memos: The missing Voice Memos application is finally back with the second beta; it is simple and functional.


Weather: The app now features a new stacking button. By tapping that button located bottom-right, the full list of all cities tracked appears.


Mail: Users are presented with the option of using nicknames when available, instead of their contact’s name.


iCloud Keychain: Users who enabled iCloud Keychain in beta 1 are given the option to restore their passwords. iCloud Keychain was present with the beta 1.


Reminders: The new layout is more compact and features a clock icon next to the search bar.


Overall iOS beta 2 feels much faster and responsive than the first beta.


  • Onac

    Is the podcast app working reliably yet?

  • Afacero

    I was able to fix it by doing and reinstall hasn’t crashed on me on beta 2 yet.

  • VJ

    Gary, any improvements on the battery life?

  • wstoneman

    Is it just me or is the battery drain alot worse then beta 1. I actually found beta 1 was alot better then 6.1.2.

  • Setak

    Can you please post a picture of the time stamp in Messages please ? And does it work only on group messages or normal conversation as well ? Thanks !

  • Too early to tell

  • James J

    Works in normal chat.

    Slide left to see is weird, would like option to just always show.

  • Updated

  • Setak

    Thanks !

  • Setak

    Thanks for the info ! And I agree with you for the option to show without having to swipe !

  • Martin Choquette

    From the usage I’ve had so far, battery life seems to have improved over beta 1…. But again, too early to tell.

  • beavisaur

    Can can those who installed beta 1 without a developer ID, do the OTA update to beta 2 without worrying?

  • Rafael Breban

    I factory reset before installing beta 2. I setup as new iPhone an imported my contacts. Battery life it’s much better.

  • Badr

    Yeah, it works, but if you have a lot of pictures, try to transfer the, to your computer or the update process hangs after the reboot:P

  • Hooray! Is that a timestamp on EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE? It’s about friggin’ time!

  • Mike

    Beta 1 was terrible even on standby. On beta 2 it’s better, but still drains fast. Standby mode seems good but if you wake phone up its horrible. I also noticed location is turning on a lot. Looks like weather app is pulling location a lot. I’m going to try it with location services off and see what happens.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Yep. I’m SO glad they finally offer time stamps on all messages. Such a simple thing that never should have been missing.

  • kjos

    I’m with you on that one.

  • Darrin

    Battery life is killing me on Beta 2. Charging is VERY slow. Wish I could revert back to Beta 1. Had no problems. All apps closed and wifi off. Still very bad…. I didn’t have any battery issue with Beta 1.

  • SENO

    Can anyone tell me if you can shuffle songs by artist?
    Beta 1 you couldn’t unless I couldn’t figure it out?