Gamers Spend 4X More on Mobile Games than Dedicated Handhelds [Report]


Just a couple years ago the idea of mobile phones or tablets challenging dedicated home gaming consoles sounded like a good joke. We have seen how this materialized: the App Store gave green light to indie game developers. Today’s report from App Annie and IDC brings the evidence: iOS and Android make more money from games than does the dedicated handheld console industry.


iOS was the fastest growing platform in terms of gamers, and now it was the turn of Android — it was about time — to outgrow Sony’s PSP and Vita; and Nintendo’s DS, DSi, and 3DS in the second quarter of 2013.

As earlier reports already have noted, games continued to be the most popular downloads, fueling the growth of the application stores on both platforms. While games represented roughly 40% of all downloads in both app stores, Google Play spending on games was slightly more than that of the iOS App Store. Also, in terms of revenue, games accounted for about 70% of app revenue in both iOS App Store and Google Play.

Looking at the most popular games, here is what App Annie and IDC found: the No.1 game was the Clash of Clans, seconded by Puzzle & Dragons, while the third place went to Candy Crush Saga.

Do you use dedicated handheld consoles anymore?


  • Tired8281

    I’d buy more games on Google Play if they brought gift cards to Canada. I don’t like putting my credit card into app stores…it’s too easy to accidentally buy something you didn’t mean to.

  • Chrome262

    Nope, My wife use to use her DS all the time, now uses her iPad and phone. God I think everyone plays candy crush now lol. Problem with handhelds is they don’t have any social media integration, so its not so easy to play your friends, and you don’t have to buy separate equipment for games on your phone, its just done, and you can use them on your tablet and computer. I think this is the end of handhelds, and unfortunately handhelds are a big source of revenue for some of these companies, might mean they are on the way out.

  • Sporadik Styles

    This is because Sony let us down on the powerful and well designed Vita. The launch wasn’t terrible but since then, nothing other than a few PSN titles. C’mon Killzone. I need something to play since AC3 *smh*