iOS 6 Users Complaining Of Automatic iOS 7 Download By Software Update


Some iOS 6 users who are still not planning to upgrade to the latest iOS 7, are reportedly complaining that the built-in Software Update tool is downloading the large-sized iOS 7 over-the-air on their iOS devices even before asking them to upgrade, taking up space that can’t be reclaimed, according to CNET . While it won’t initiate the install process automatically, the iOS 7 OTA download renders nearly 1GB of space useless for such users.

Ios 7 ipad

Even though iOS device owners with 32GB of storage or more may not be bothered by a gigabyte of wasted space, it surely is a big deal for owners of 16GB devices, where the amount of storage users get out of the box is already less and can fill up quickly with HD video content and 3D games. The source seems to have confirmed the behaviour on both an iPhone 4 as well as a current generation Retina iPad.

CNET confirmed the behavior on both an iPhone 4 as well as a fourth-generation iPad, both of which were running the latest version of iOS 6 before 7 arrived. For the iPad, the download began within minutes of turning on the device and plugging it into A/C power. When finished on both devices, it accounted for a little more than 3GB of space that was previously available on the device, and did not show up in the storage management settings submenu.

Are you one of those iOS 6 users who are still holding out on an upgrade? If yes, why?


  • crosseyed_mofo

    this is actually really funny 😀

  • Chrome262

    they should update, I actually got half a gig in space after the upgrade with the same apps.

  • Tweak

    Not touching ios7 until jailbreak

  • Jill

    I’m not updating since friends have said that iOS7 consumes more battery, even after toning down features.

  • Rickyscv

    I read an article where the person lost all their podcasts when they downloaded the new iTunes and iOS7. There is a glitch in the software and since I have almost 8000 podcasts, I’m waiting until Apple fixes the problem. Also, comparing my 6 with my kid’s 7; the new iOS has many great features, but I like the way my 6 looks way better. The new one is faded, flat and ugly. Wish I could combine the new features and keep the old look.

  • Chrome262

    why, everything I used to have in JB is on ios now, well except winterboard

  • Chrome262

    it doesn’t on mine, but I did turn off autoupdate on the apps. I will turn it back on when most of the apps have fixed their iOS7 issues.

  • Chrome262

    I have all my podcasts, but then again I don’t have 8000. I never keep my old ones, they are on the server there is no point.

  • Patrick

    I always wait a year before upgrading. Just upgraded to iOS 6 last week.

  • ward09

    I’m still holding out on updating my iPhone 4, but may do it over the weekend. Many people are complaining about lag online, but I have several coworkers who updated their 4’s and report great performance.

  • Blinded by the White

    Music app didn’t handle my various artist compilations properly and ios7 as a whole hurts my eyes. The apple maps issue is nothing compared to the dogs breakfast that is ios7. It’s actually caused me to question my dependence on Apple products in my day to day workflow. I put ios6 back on my iPad and I would like to keep it that way. I don’t appreciate the ios7 download just sitting there waiting for a momentary lapse of judgement for it to install.