iOS 7.0.2 Lock Screen Bug Discovered [VIDEO]


ios 7.0.2 lock screen bug

Just a day after Apple released an update to fix a lock screen bug that allowed access to photos, emails and other apps to anyone that grabbed the handset, here is another discovered by Dany Lisiansky, now on iOS 7.0.2.

You may recall that there was an iOS 6 bug that involved Voice control to bypass the lock screen passcode. This time, in iOS 7.0.2 we can see something similar, but with multiple factors such as Voice Control/Siri and FaceTime. Thanks to this flaw, anyone with your iPhone in their hands can access your photos, emails, messages, and call history.

While the video doesn’t show which version of iOS 7 Dany has on his device, Dany has confirmed via Twitter that he is running iOS 7.0.2, as well as iDownloadBlog. We have tested this flaw following the steps described by Dany, and it works.  This bug may also be present on iOS 7.0 as well.

Here are the steps as described by Dany to reproduce the bug:
1. Make a phone call (with Siri / Voice Control).
2. Click the FaceTime button.
3. When the FaceTime App appears, click the Sleep button.
4. Unlock the iPhone.
5. Answer and End the FaceTime call at the other end.
6. Wait a few seconds.
7. Done. You are now in the phone app.

While we are waiting for Apple to acknowledge this bug, as a workaround you can simply disable Siri access from the Lock Screen by going to Settings>General>Passcode Lock>Allow Access when locked. That’s it.

ios 7.0.2 Siri


  • sppedracer99

    The people who find these bugs have way too much time on their hands!

  • It’s a complex bug and it works as he describes. I have no idea how they figure this out!

  • rob0302

    I found another bug in iOS7’s security which was also present in iOS6 and all previous iOS’s.. I found that if i’m walking down the street and some guy comes up to me with a gun and forces me to unlock my phone, if i enter my passcode the phone unlocks and he is then able to access all of the data on my iphone. I’ve only verified that this bug is present in iOS7, I have not yet tried with any of the updated versions.

    Are these people kidding? I don’t know about you, but i think the avg. person uses these security features to try and stop another avg. person from breaking into their phone without their knowledge. I honestly don’t think that anyone would take the time or make the effort, or have the need to break through the security to get onto my phone. If someone did, they would be pretty disappointed with what they found.

  • Did you report your iOS 7 bug to Apple? Sounds pretty serious! 😉

  • Magrat22

    Thank you. These bug reports are driving me crazy..who the heck wants to break into my phone. It’s as secure as a phone can be, and if you are storing nude pics of yourself on your phone then maybe you should look at getting a secure app to store them in. It’s a phone not the pentagon!

  • Magrat22


  • canadan

    Can Apple just get their sh!t together and just fix this lock screen issue? Looks like we’ll need another 20 updates before these people run out of tricks and bypasses by the looks of it lol

  • JBrickley

    Siri at the locks screen is dangerous on its own. Someone could access rather personal data or send a msg to your spouse, etc. Always disable Siri on the lock screen.