iOS 7 Concept Shows Off ‘Quick Settings’ for System Shortcuts [VIDEO]


Artist André Luis Moreira (almanimation) has shared his concept vision for iOS 7 on The Verge forums. The concept focuses on the implementation of a customizable ‘Quick Settings’ panel for users to access system settings. A new ‘App Flow Multitasker’ beefs up the iOS multitasking tray, as now users will see a preview screenshot of apps while you scroll through.

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The entire concept is quite intricate but is well produced with some creative ideas. We particularly liked how the ‘shake to undo’ menu has a shortcut to Quick Settings and also the requirement for a user’s passcode in order to shut off the device (helpful in case your iPhone is lost or stolen). Check out the full video below:

What do you think of Moreira’s concept? It’s just one of numerous iOS 7 concepts we’ve seen lately.

[via iDownloadBlog]


  • AiCMark

    Hmm, looks like too many configurable options for iOS.

  • Yeah it’s a bit…complicated 😉

  • SFJ

    I’ve got an “old” iPhone 4 and since last August, I got my wife a Galaxy I can compare…Guess what…going through the task manager on the Samsung shows me a quick snapshot of the current app screen – can close or open it of-course….Further more, by a flick from the top of the screen I can access and toggle a number of quick settings….All this available at least since the GS3 has been launched – June 2012…maybe even earlier but I don’t know that.
    Apple still thinks – and maybe it’s right – that their customers live in a “bubble”…

  • Tom

    Skeumorphics will never die!