iOS 7 Features You’ll Love [Part 2]


A week ago, we started a virtual tour of Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 and presented a couple of features that capture the eye instantly as you turn your iPhone on. We are diving into iOS 7 beta 1 day by day, so after adding another 7 days of usage, here are a couple more features you’ll certainly love in iOS 7.



Although there is an app for that, Apple has finally decided to drop its virtual keyboard pattern and simplified the design, adding more white. iMessage is no exception, as you can see from the above image: it retains the same colours for messages to distinguish iMessages from SMS messages (iMessage: blue, SMS: green). But this isn’t all: a great addition to iMessage is that you can finally click on a link, and it will automatically open the link in Safari. This was a much-needed addition. (ed. note: this is already available in iOS 6)



I have to admit that I love the improved mobile Safari. Beyond the simplified icons, there is so much more than in iOS 6. Your mobile Safari pages are now easier to access than in iOS 6, as you scroll through them with a single move.

ios7-icloud tabs

And this swipe up movement will also bring up your iCloud tabs open on other devices. No more cumbersome moves and searching for iCloud tabs – they are there and visible whenever you need them.


Also, under the Reading List icon there are three tabs: Bookmarks, Shared Links and Reading List. You’ll love to use Shared links, because it contains all the links shared on Twitter by the people you follow.

App Store


My favourite addition, beyond the automated app updates — which, let’s admit it, can become a drag sometimes — is the ability to create a wish list in the App Store. You spot an app, and if you don’t want to buy, it you can add it to your wish list. It would be even greater if Apple would add a notification feature to its App Store, notifying users about price cuts of the apps they want to buy.

Want to know more about the new exciting features iOS 7 comes with this fall? Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted as we dig into Apple’s latest mobile OS.


  • GJ

    Loving ios 7 beta. Only problem I can’t get it to sync wirelessly; I can sync via cable but when I remove the cable, iphone 5 disappears from iTunes sidebar.

  • Al

    The Safari bookmark icon is a FAIL. Over simplification. It makes it harder to identify, especially those with less than perfect eyesight.

    White text for iMessage is another FAIL, making it more difficult to read. Make that a BIG TIME fail. Even magnified as they are above, you can see bleeding of the blue into the white. If it was black text and a lighter bubble, it would be easier to read.

    Plus the 3D bubbles we have now are just cool. The new look in iOS 7 is bland & boring. Plus the darker colour is more invasive compared to the more subtle colour we have now.

    It continuously becomes more clear that Apple got so hung up on this simple approach that they forget the practicality of what they were doing.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Guys, just don’t forget it’s Beta1 ! Wireless Sync will probably come back later, and design could be tweak. Also, battery draining or Crashing, those are all stuff from a Beta1 OS…

  • Peter Varga

    Great article. 🙂

  • Al

    Who said it’s beta “1”? And why do people throw that excuse around so much with this version of iOS. The answer is because people aren’t happy with it and they are trying to cling to any type of hope that it will change. It’s at the developer hand off stage (which is way past a first beta stage). Aside from fixes, little, if anything, will change.

  • “But this isn’t all: a great addition to iMessage is that you can finally click on a link, and it will automatically open the link in Safari.”
    I’m pretty sure that this functionality exists in iOS 6, or even iOS 5 or 4 for that matter. I’m sure I’ve clicked on links in text messages before. I know I’ve sent some out as clickable links.

  • Are you using iOS 7? I tend to agree with a lot of what you’re saying, however I’ve found from experiencing Apple updates in the past that stuff often works better in use than it appears to work on screen. Perhaps this is the case with stuff like the look in Messages.

    Speaking of iMessages, I’m not quite sure what you mean about the “bleeding of the blue into the white.” Do you mean optically, or actually? The image above isn’t the native screen resolution, so some software has interpolated it at some point, meaning what you’re seeing on this blog isn’t exactly as it would look on your phone.

    That being said, I think the biggest change in legibility would be if they were to use a different font. Not quite sure why they chose to go with Helvetica Neue Light, as it’s not the most legible interface font out there. I’m surprised they didn’t commission a custom font for iOS like a few competitors have done before. Helvetica Neue is trendy and that’s about it.

  • Nice that you can add apps to your iTunes Wish List now. Does that work for the music store as well? Please say yes!

  • Setak

    I agree with your click link within iMessage, I do not know why he says it is new ?

    Someone has an idea ?

  • Chrome262

    yeah I just did it today, I do have a JB that opens it in chrome instead but I just turned it off and it works. Maybe you meant something else?

  • Afacero


  • Afacero

    what thing that is cool about iMessage is that it now recognizes dates as events like mail does on iOS 6. e.g – “Lets go out tonight” ‘out tonight’ is underline and you can click it on it to create an event.

  • Afacero


  • Afacero

    its a known bug, its a beta…..

  • Al


  • Al

    I’m not using iOS 7. I’m referring to the appearance, as per the above. Yes, it is enlarged, but it only highlights the lack of clarity in the letters. White is not as distinct and easy to read as black (the lines in the text aware thinner with gaps of background colour … Not interpolation from the enlargement – which would have a different effect), and that’s regardless of the background colour.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Regardless….until an exploit is found and it can be JB I’ll be sticking to iOS 6.

  • Vasco

    you’re an idiot for calling someone else idiot.

  • ritchie

    Use it before you make up you mind!!

  • Jeff Hughes

    Nothing innovative here. All of these features already exist in Android (in fact, a direct rip-off from Android), LOL. How ironic.

  • Bbrysucks

    Wah wah wah. All you fanatic fandroids have nothing better to do than whine? Like really. Everyone copies everyone, although it seems that if it’s done on its, it’s done better. That goes for Google search apps in its also. Lol lol. Wah wah.

  • Bbrysucks

    ‘if it’s done on its, it’s done better. That goes for Googles own apps also.’

    There, stupid swipe keyboard. Another useless part of lagdroid.

  • Bbrysucks

    Hes also a retard fandroid if it werent obvious enough.

  • Bbrysucks

    Whine some more, Norm.

  • Bbrysucks

    He hasent a clue what it looks like for real or to use for that matter. Its fine, and none of this bleeding nonsense like hds babbling on about. Sure theres some tweaking to be done but as far as usability goes its a non issue.

  • bob

    incoming messages are black

  • johnnygoodface

    A wish list! At last!

  • Just because he doesn’t agree with your point of view doesn’t make him a “retard fandroid.” He’s likely very passionate about Apple products he’s used and loved and doesn’t want to see them shift from his needs and expectations, just like most of us here. The difference may only be different needs and expectations, which is completely fair.

    Being an Apple fan doesn’t mean you have to agree with every move that Apple makes. I think the most passionate Apple fans can be some of the most critical, because the changes mean that much more to them.

    So please, stop with the “fandroid” comments.

  • aaron malken

    Al – is your last name Bundy by chance? You know, from that 80’s TV show. Lol.

  • aaron malken

    Yes Al, you most certainly are!

  • aaron malken

    Being ignorant doesn’t give you free reign to spout retarded nonsense either.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    when you do newest update, its called beta 2

    so its not a reach to assume the previous beta is beta 1

  • Are you referring to me or Al?

  • WatDah

    Ryan, I can see you are trying to be very liberal and respectful to others, but most of Al’s comments on the site has been nothing more than prejudice, mostly negative, sometimes insulting insights to what he thinks is the best, and that changes should not be made because he thinks it doesn’t concern him without even trying it first or even seen the real thing. Then he goes around telling others they are ignorant/stupid for not agreeing. Yes, I also see where he’s coming from, and he does have his point from his point of view. But don’t expect others to show respect when he doesn’t give any.

  • Afacero


  • Afacero

    lol you make me laugh. As your previous comment said you don’t even have the iOS 7, really hard to judge a software over screenshots. And yes, its the first public beta, hence the 1. But maybe i’m such a huge idiot I forgot how to count. Also as I can tell you don’t understand what beta means. Which by the way Apple takes that term seriously unlike other companies. Furthermore here is a very good PSA:

  • Al

    He yelled. So he implies the same thing. The tool doesn’t understand the development stages, so for yelling like he did, makes him an idiot.

  • Al

    I’ve presented a logical discussion on WHY I feel some of the new design is not practical. What have YOU done?

  • Al

    I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years. I know exactly what a beta is and, more importantly, what it so not. All I’m judging is the design elements. I don’t need access to iOS 7 to do that. The images are right there in screenshots all over the web. If you insist on thinking I do, then you are just being argumentative.

  • Al

    It would be highly irregular to release “beta 1” to the public. All software goes through several internal beta stages before releasing anything to outside testers/developers.

  • Al

    You’re thinking about yourself. You appear to be incapable of looking at it through the eyes of others.

  • Al

    It’s a friggin graphic issue! I don’t need to use it to see. Images of iOS 7 are all over the web.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    well al it appears your beef is with how apple distributes its betas or the fact that they call them beta’s to begin with

  • Actually, it’s not enlarged, it’s shrunk. But either way, it’s interpolated, and depending on what software interpolated it and what level of JPEG compression it was saved with, it could totally affect the image and cause it to look like it’s “bleeding” more than it does on a device running iOS 7, especially with bright colours. Here’s a screenshot at full-size, not interpolated:

    If you view that image on your phone, it does seem quite legible. Not the most legible it could be, but it seems to be much more legible than the screenshot appears.

    I agree that I’d prefer a black-on-light-blue color scheme instead, because it would make it easier to read through a conversation. It’s difficult to keep switching between positive and negative type when browsing through a list of text blocks. I’m also not sure why they chose to go with bright colors as yes they are harder to read as well.

    However while all of that may be true, there’s a nicer way to say that than by calling everyone else idiots. I do agree with other commenters that Apple operating systems often feel different in use. You can’t know for sure from a screenshot how usable something is, as subtle animations and the way it responds to input can sometimes make a world of difference. So it would be nice to have a little humility and tact, you’d have a better chance of people taking you seriously.

  • Yeah, I get all that. Thanks for your reply. I still am liking that he does have some good points of view and he’s one of the few people that does seem to be thinking things through in a lot of detail from a design point-of-view, which really resonates with me as I’m a bit of a perfectionist graphic designer.

    My comment above was more out of frustration that there are people who often comment accusing people of being “fandroids” thinking that somehow invalidates their point-of-view. These comments seem to have no basis in whether or not the person commenting loves Android phones, but based solely on if they’re criticizing Apple’s decisions. I love my Apple iPhone and that’s why I sometimes question or criticize Apple’s moves, because it greatly affects me. I want these things to fit my workflow and my design preferences because I have to use this thing every day.

    I’ve been called a “fandroid” a few times on this website and I just shake my head at how ridiculous those comments are. I’ve owned and used Apple products for over twenty years and have never even considered buying an Android phone because Apple stuff has always worked for me, and I have a lot of time and money invested into it. It scares me when I think that changes they’re making are going to disrupt that, so I speak out about it. It’s ignorant and stupid to think that makes me a “fandroid.”

  • WatDah

    Thanks for the link. Much appreciated! Seeing it on the iPhone, it really isn’t bad at all. But I do tend to agree that black would probably be more preferable if we have to stare at it for a while.

  • Jeff Hughes

    I own both an iPhone 5 and an HTC One. So, I’m neither fandriod nor a fapplefag. All these features are implemented better on the droid side, but I guess you wouldn’t know, fapplefag, would you? LMAO

  • Al

    Google… ios 7 white text. The very first link from Computer world complains about the text blending together. Other links share my other opinions. You don’t need iOS 7 to see what the problem is with graphics. That notion is just mind-numbingly stupid.

    And people on message boards are WAY too sensitive. People call people “idiot”. They do it in person. It’s said on tv. Grow a fucking pair.

  • Wow, that’s a great article. I’m with him on almost everything, and like I’ve said I do agree with your points I just think they sounded a little extreme and concrete for not having been able to actually try out the OS. It just sounds arrogant and rude to assert that your opinion counts more than the other people commenting who HAVE tried it and don’t seem to have a problem with it.

    I think the best thing we can do is submit requests to Apple and hope that they include options for different interface colours. (And hope that they change some of those awful icon designs.) It’s unlikely, but it is possible.