iOS 9 Adds Dedicated Folders for Screenshots, Selfies


As promised by Eddy Cue last week, iOS 9 beta 3 was pushed out today by Apple and packed a major surprise feature you’ll enjoy (via The Verge).

Alongside adding support for the recently released Apple Music, iOS 9 beta 3 brings major enhancements to the Photos app: a separate folder for screenshots and another one for selfies. The screenshots folder is a most welcome feature (thank you, Apple!) for everyone (like myself) who takes many screenshots with his or her iPhone.


Now, besides the screenshots folder, Apple has added another dedicated folder for selfies — without explaining whether this means any special face detection is in the works. More likely is that the folder will be for pictures taken with the front-facing camera, which obviously have lower quality than the ones taken with the 8 MP rear camera.

Of course, we are talking about a beta release here, so changes will happen down the road, but hopefully Apple will keep at least the screenshots folder when the final version of iOS 9 is pushed out.

Image credit: Ben Hamblin


  • sukisszoze

    ..that first picture on the screen shot was a bit distracting as it took me a few seconds to figure out she’s eating with a pair of chop’s been a long day..

  • ????Dennis

    Would be nice if iOS didn’t duplicate pictures that are put into folders. That’s the one thing that really annoys me.

  • Cowboy Up

    Are those features included for the new public beta as well?