iOS Features You’ll Love [Part 3]


When iOS 7 beta 2 was pushed out, we briefly pointed to several improvements and new features. Since we are continuing to use the beta — not recommended for users used to the usual solid-rock performance of iOS — here are a couple of new features you will certainly enjoy when the final version of iOS is available this fall.

Lock screen

The lock screen comes with a cool new feature: the animation of the Camera grabber icon now follows the law of gravity. If you slide it to the top and bounce it, it will bounce back and give you access to the Camera application.


Alongside a male and a female voice option, Siri comes with the ability to correct pronunciations for names. With iOS 7 — as 9to5mac readers have highlighted — you can simply say “pronounce [name here]” to guide Siri through a simple name pronunciation learning process.

Control the iDevice using head movements

As an anonymous 9to5mac reader has pointed out, under iOS 7’s Accessibility section users see a feature that enables control of the iPhone or iPad with left of right head movements.



The new Apple Camera app comes with an onscreen High Dynamic Range (HDR) indicator, and the good news is that Apple has finally enabled photography on the iPad as well. In addition, you can simply swipe though all shooting formats available: still, video, panorama, and finally, square. With the latter, you can create Instagram-ready square photos. Since Apple provides HDR capture, you may want to choose Apple’s Camera app, instead of capturing the image within Instagram.



Although Safari has the same general feel as the previous version, it goes full screen as you scroll down on a page, allowing the content to taker over the screen. The controls reappear as you hit the bottom of the page, or scroll up, but there is another way to bring up the bottom bar. When using Safari in iOS 7, you can tap anywhere along the bottom screen you can force the menu to reappear.


Of course, these are just a couple features we have highlighted within iOS 7. If you are running iOS 7, let us know which is your favourite feature by commenting below.


  • Beeedoh

    Multitasking, completely changes the way I use the phone.

  • Toylover

    How’s battery life so far?

  • Interesting that it has the ability to track your head movements. I think there’s a good chance that they’re also using that technology to help achieve the parallax effect, although that would use more battery power, so perhaps not. Can anyone with iOS 7 test that? Hold your iPhone still and just move your head back and forth to see if the parallax effect still works?

    I’d also be interested to see what the HDR indicator looks like. Is it just an icon letting you know it’s going to shoot an HDR photo, or is it a little histogram showing you the exposure or something?

    Thanks for the updates.

  • AiCMark

    Nothing new on the default apps front? Would get out of the android game today if there was a way to make Chrome and Google maps the default apps.

  • SkaClown

    On beta 1, my battery life was pretty bad. but now that I’m on beta 2, it’s on par of not better than when I was on a jailbroken iOS 6

  • mohamad

    one thing i noticed is siri undrestand my not native english accent really better on 7 they may have improved it’s recognition

  • FragilityG4

    Enjoy Android because that will never happen …

  • Chrome262

    I have Chrome defualt or i did, with JB

  • Chrome262

    I agree, I doubt Apple will allow you to make any other browser default. But who knows