Major iOS 7 Bug Allows Anyone to Disable Find My iPhone [VIDEO]


Find my iphone

Apple’s enhanced Find My iPhone feature was praised by many, as it allowed users use iCloud to locate a lost device. But, as it turns out, it isn’t entirely perfect, as it has a major flaw which allows users to easily disable Find My iPhone on devices running iOS 7.0.4 and lower. This allows thieves to easily erase it — in which case you can say goodbye to your beloved device.

The video, posted on YouTube by Bradley Williams and spotted by MacRumors, shows that disabling Find My iPhone takes only a few easy steps. We were able to replicate this flaw on an iPad running iOS 7.0.4 — although we got two prompts to activate the Find My iPhone feature right after accomplishing it — but we couldn’t replicate it on an iPhone running iOS 7.1 beta 5.

This means that Apple should be aware of this major flaw, and the fix is coming with the public release of iOS 7.1. Now, since the flaw has been made public, we can expect Apple to speed up the process, which could mean that iOS 7.1 may land in the near future. Until then: Use passcode lock and maybe opt for a complicated code.

It is worth noting, though, that this flaw does not disable the Activation Lock feature launched with iOS 7. As MacRumors points out, after the iCloud account is erased, the iDevice will remain locked to the original account used to activate the device and will continue to ask for that Apple ID and password during the setup process in order to resume functionality.


  • Anon

    I doubt it will speed up the 7.1 release. The bug isn’t a major show stopper. How often do people even use the that feature?

  • I use that feature and recommend that anyone with an iPhone turn on that feature. Why wouldn’t you turn on Find My iPhone?!?

    This bug isn’t a huge concern for me since I protect my phone with a password, but I still expect to see Apple fix it in the future.

  • kilowiko

    While this is a bug that needs to be rectified, it doesn’t make your phone any less secure if you actually have your phone password protected. Its actually quite silly to expect any security when you leave the front door unlocked on your house isn’t it?