Toyota Says CarPlay in 2015 but Later Changes its Mind


Shortly after iOS 7.1 went live, the guys from Toyota penned a blog post with the exciting news for the carmaker’s fans that the company was planning to roll out CarPlay compatible models as early as nest year.

Volvo CarPlay

That was Wednesday. However, a day later, early on Thursday, the carmaker has changed its position from pro to neutral, as the following paragraph from the official Toyota UK blog shows (spotted by CNET):

UPDATE 13/3/14: A previous version of this article said Apple CarPlay would be in Toyota cars from 2015. This is incorrect and we are happy to put the matter straight. No announcements have been made about if and when Apple CarPlay will arrive in Toyota cars.

While the original blog post stated that users would see CarPlay in Toyota dashboards as early as 2015, the updated subheading says “Apple’s CarPlay software could bring the iPhone experience to future Toyota models”. In other words, the initial enthusiasm is gone, along with the 2015 deadline.

One thing is sure, though: Toyota is a committed partner of Apple in its CarPlay project. The only questions are: when will the company roll out this feature, and in which models?


  • Just Me

    Mazda, a Japanese auto maker (duh) is not on board with Car Play. Mazda tends to lag many, many, many years behind in terms of entertainment tech in their vehicles. Maybe someone at Toyota was talking to a dimwit at Mazda and caused them to change their mind?

  • Al

    “Toyota is a committed partner of Apple in its CarPlay project.”

    “CarPlay” (as they are calling it now) was introduced something like 2 years ago (maybe with iOS 5 (?) … I can’t recall). Regardless, this has been vaporware for a VERY long time. Anyway, since it was first introduced, I have never seen Toyota listed in Apple’s promotional material as an anticipated adopter of this technology.

  • speedracer99

    It was called “Siri eyes free” in iOS6. At the time Apple had many car makers on board to implement it. To this day, I have only ever seen it in one chevrolet model only.