What’s New in iOS 7 Beta 4 [PICS]


iOS 7 beta 4 arrived three weeks following the previous beta seed. The release was presumably delayed due to the 8-day outage of the Apple Developer Portal, but I am just guessing here. So for those who are still on iOS 6.x.x here briefly are some of the changes this version of iOS brought.


Beta 4 brought a couple tweaks of the phone answer buttons and the Phone dialer as well.

redesigned phone buttons

redesigned answer buttons


Apple has decided to drop the confusing arrows on the top and the bottom (denoting Notification Center and Control Center) and replaced it with a line shape. Also, the “Slide to Unlock” has been updated with shifting highlight color and and arrow that draws attention to that area on the lockscreen, although you are not limited to swipe that line to unlock the screen.

redesigned lock screen

Notification Center

With iOS 7 beta 4 you can now swipe left and right to switch between the notifications. Furthermore, the update brings a new notification for completed uploads: you can opt for a sound notification as well.

completed dowloads


Siri appears to get further enhancements, with the latest being an updated help menu, which now includes suggestions for Q&A queries. And, it even sounds more natural than before.


While it can create confusion, especially among the ones with lots of friends with similar names, iMessage uses the first name and last initial of a contact in group chat. Also, you can turn on or off the bold font in the Settings app, so your messages will be displayed either with bold or regular font.


Alongside informing the user that spotlight has moved, searching iPhone now includes a Cancel option as well.

iphone spotlight


Apple’s mobile web browser has its share of improvements, as well: the buttons for Bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared Links now have icons instead of labels.

redesigned safari buttons

Screenshot API

As noted by 9to5Mac, the latest iOS 7 beta comes with a screenshot detection API, solving an issue preventing Snapchat from detecting screenshots.

Alarm Clock

Is it just me, or do the Alarm Time fonts display bolder numbers?


With iOS 7 beta 4, album photos on Playlist screen in Music are much larger.

Overall, iOS 7 beta 4 feels much responsive, with smoother animations and it is snappier; but when you use it, you need to remember that this is a beta version of the forthcoming iOS 7.


  • hub2

    Unrelated question to those with iOS7 betas: Did they fix the “improvement” they made to Contacts app in iOS6, where you could no longer easily tap a single Group to see its contacts (you now had to Hide all contacts, then tap the group you wanted, then Done… then undo it all once you were finished)?

  • Erik Kappel

    Thanks for the update. Man I’m looking forward to the official release 🙂

  • Sooooon 😉

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I hope Ryan Petrich has a JB waiting in the wings for iOS 7 as he teased us earlier with a screenshot of a JB on iOS 7 beta whatever.

  • Ex

    That’s still there and still a problem.

  • BaDOAN

    Still annoying that you can’t change the name of a group chat. Or mute individual groups.

  • Dan

    Do you have the option to choose which apps you want to update?

  • Estebanor

    the effect glass is only in iphone 5 . Iphone 4s not have glass.

  • James

    Yeah, I would like to know that too. Does it automatically update all the apps or can you choose some that you don’t want to update?

  • Pete

    Do all the apps update themselves or do you have the option to not update an app?

  • crasucks

    I hope IOS7 isn’t the typical Apple crapware programming that bogs down performance.
    It would be nice to actually be able to upgrade my 4S without having everything slow and not being able to revert, like every other phone Apple has put out.