Alleged iPad mini 2 Image Leak Suggests No Retina Display


The highly anticipated iPad event is just a handful of days away now, and all eyes are on Apple, especially those eyeing the iPad mini 2: will Apple use a Retina display, or will they leave it unchanged? Earlier this week, AllThingsD suggested that a Retina iPad mini is coming, but today’s image leak posted on CtechCN suggests that Apple plans this hardware update for next year.

iPad mini 2 thickness

According to Macotakara — which has a good track record of leaking accurate information about Apple’s forthcoming products — the iPad mini 2 will have different dimensions, as the company has increased its width and thickness. His conclusion was based on iPad mini cases spotted at a Chinese expo. An increase in thickness suggests that a Retina display is coming to the 7.9 tablet.

CtechCN has allegedly obtained an iPad mini 2 with screen assembled. For those awaiting the Retina display, this may come as a disappointment: the next-generation iPad mini is even thinner than the currently available model. The iPad mini 2 measures 6.81 mm in thickness, while the iPad mini 1 measures 7.2 mm. When Apple added the Retina display to the iPad 3, it increased the depth of the tablet to accommodate a bigger battery. The leak suggests this won’t happen with the iPad mini 2.

Now, since this information isn’t confirmed, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. Are you after a Retina iPad mini?


  • Andre

    The event is in two days? I thought it was Tuesday…

  • Ron Miller

    Or … maybe Apple is planning on releasing both Retina and non-Retina versions.

    ***IF*** they do release a retina version, I would almost guarantee a non-retina version will be released as well. I would say this for several reasons:

    1) It sounds like the retina version will be severely constrained … Apple would not want to have its most popular iPad constrained for the holiday season
    2) the mini is all about light weight … some people might prefer a lighter iPad to one with retina screen (from this and earlier gossip, it sounds like the non-retina will be slightly lighter and the retina will be slightly heavier)
    3) It will give Apple a second price point (either a cheaper mini or a more expensive retina version … my guess is with the former)
    4) Apple kept the iPad 2 around as a non-retina full sized version … why not the same for the mini.

    The gossip seems to have a lot of conflicting information about the mini, and my guess is that it because of the two versions of the mini. I’ve heard that people have seen evidence of 64-bit and 32-bit versions of minis. The non-retina will probably use the A6 and the retina will use an A7 (and the full sized iPad will use an A7X).

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Mikhail_T

    Thinner display doesn’t mean retina is out. Apple haven’t adopted the thinner glass displays and newer backlight technologies on the iPad, which is a few reasons it went fat since iPad 2. Adopting all the new technologies can save a lot of spaces between the panel and the glass, making it just as thin as the iPad mini.

  • lala

    pretty simple for me, no ipad mini retina, one less customer for apple

  • Mr_Reliable

    its on the 22nd.

  • Al

    Soooo… If they have an iPad mini 2 with screen assembled… why don’t they just turn it on?

  • Andre

    I see the article has been updated

  • WatDah

    Damn you beat me to it.

    Actually on second thought, it might just be the front and back slapped together without the internals?

  • Al

    If Apple was stupid enough to not have Retina display (or better) on the next mini, then it would be a sign of the end of Apple. It would be a bigger blunder than the iPhone 5c.

    I’d bet real money that the mini will have Retina (or better).

  • It could be an assembled shell + LCD but have nothing inside?

  • Al

    The mini is not popular enough to warrant two major versions.

  • Ron Miller

    Huh??? I’m not sure where you get your data from, but I’m pretty sure that the mini outsells the regular version.

  • Farids

    In my opinion, if the iPad mini does not come with retina display, Apple will be making their second strategic mistake in one year, first being the iPhone 5s and 5c and their pricing. In a market where any 7″-10″ mid to flagship is being released with 1080p resolution, coming up with a none HD screen for a flagship tablet as expensive as iPad mini(iPad Mini may not be a flagship model, but it’s priced like one which makes it even worse) will be dooming the sales. Tablets with HD screens are fine, at 7″-8″, they sell around $150-$250. All new smaller mid to high quality tablets from the third quarter of 2013 are coming out with 1080p screens, and are priced around $250-$400. Take the Google Nexus line for an example: Google Nexus 7″ is $230 and 10″ Nexus line is $400. They both have screens that are better, than iPad mini. What’s important about the Nexus line is, they are Google’s own brand. They have Android customized specifically for them (like Apple does for iPad mini), they don’t have the junk tablet makers install, they have to exceed a certain standard to be branded Nexus(Google, like Apple, insists on very high quality), and they don’t suffer the fragmentation most Android tablets have. We all know the built quality of iOS devices is fantastic. iOS itself is a dream, truly the world’s best operating system, best and most secure(even if lacking a bit in innovation, tools widgets,etc. , but they have started to catch up). The big question is: If you could buy a very good (not best) 10″ tablet with very powerful hardware and very good OS (not the best) for the price of an 8″ Apple tablet, with not the most powerful processor, not the highest amount of memory(RAM) and storage and not an HD screen, which would you pick?

  • Al

    In that article – One analyst says one thing and another says the opposite. As has become apparent from ipic articles, analysts love to make unfounded claims for the sole purpose of garnering press.

    But regardless, let me rephrase my previous post… ALL iPads are not popular enough to warrant two major versions.

  • Ron Miller

    I’m not sure why you think this … Apple has been doing well selling two versions of their full sized iPad. They also have 6 different versions of their MacBooks, and the iPads outsell MacBooks by a lot (last quarter Apple sold 15 million iPads and 4 million Macs). How many do you think they need to sell to warrant multiple versions?

  • Al

    The scenario you propose is illogical.

  • Ron Miller

    Pot calling the kettle black. LOL!!!

  • tHoj101

    Since the iPad, Apple spends a year improving software and providing
    minor updates to hardware, and then the following year has major hardware releases with a
    soft update on the software side. Hence why iOS 7, a major software udpate, appears in the same year as the iPhone 5S, a device which received only minor updates. Last year (a year heavy with hardware redesigns) saw only minor updates to software i.e. iOS 6, Mountain Lion. The year before that, you guessed it, radical software updates! Tim Cook already stated that next year they have a lot of physical products in the pipe line. And seeing as how iOS 8 will not be a drastic overhaul of iOS 7, nor will the next California-themed OS for the Mac, we’ll see tons of hardware redesigns.

    …This doesn’t mean the ‘end of Apple’ at all. It just means you’re impatient.

    Also, the larger iPad went two generations before receiving a retina display on the third. The iPad mini could very well mirror this trend until Apple has caught up with production.

  • Al

    Your logic is quite flawed and your information inaccurate…

    You can’t rely on trends and general practices to set business practices. That’s just a terrible business plan. They can have a general pattern as a guide, but customer demand dictates necessity. To not have a retina mini would be a near fatal blow as it’s just such a stupid thing to not due given what the competition has.

    My prediction (it’s just a guess really), is that they will surprise everyone with a new “enhanced retina” display. But I have absolutely no reference to info that would suggest that’s actually going to happen.

    The iPad went through 3 versions before retina because there was NO retina when it first came out.

    Tim Cook said to expect MANY big things THIS year.

    The 5s is not even remotely a “minor” update. Don’t go by the “s” designation.

  • tHoj101

    …You haven’t a clue.

  • Al

    Let me be more specific… Suggesting that Apple will come out with a new retina mini and a new non-retina mini is mind-numbingly STUPID. And the thought process you have done to come to that “guaranteed” conclusion is exceedingly bizarre.

  • Ron Miller

    Brilliant response big Al. Touché!

    Stupid is such a great comeback, and it was such a brilliant insight to capitalize it. I would never have thought of that.

    At first I thought you were being a bit rude, but then I realized that I was probably using words that were a little too big for you to comprehend.

    I believe that after Oct 22, there will be a non-retina iPad mini for sale even if a retina is realized. My guess is that it will be spec-bumped, but it may be last years model continuing on like the iPad 2 has done. I may be wrong, but I thought that was allowed in the comment posts.

    Anyway, I have a bit of advice for you. Your stimulating intellectual responses and sharp wit are obvious from your posts. Have you ever thought of a career as a journalist!

    I think you have what it takes. I have a phD education, so I’m probably not your target audience. However, I think that there are a large number of high school drop-outs that might even appreciate what you have to say.

    Just a thought.

    Anyway, your stunning intellect puts mine to shame, so out of sheer embarrassment, I’ve blocked you and will not see any more of your responses.

    p.s. I just realized I probably used a bunch of big words in this post that you will have trouble understanding. To help jumpstart your career as a journalist, I thought I’d tell you about a really great invention called a dictionary (spelt D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y). You may not have heard of it, but ask around at a bookstore and try using it once in a while. It will be a great asset for your blossoming career as a journalist. I look forward to hearing more about your career in the future!

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck big Al 🙂

  • Al

    Since you “have a phD education”, you must be familiar with the term “backpedaling”.

    Missing prepositions aside, “spelt” is a type of wheat. I believe you meant to say “spelled”.

    Perhaps you should first master the tiny words before you attempt the bigger ones.

    Note: Normally I wouldn’t pick on anyone for grammatical errors, as I’m as much to blame as anyone, but you seriously set yourself up for it. Also, I realized you “blocked me”, but we both know that you’re going to log out so that you can view my response.