Alleged iPad Pro Renderings Reveal Possible Dimensions and Screen Size


Two separate reports aim to revive the buzz around the iPad Pro. The timing is good, since the blogosphere is talking about the overall decrease of tablet shipments and, in Apple’s case, the alarming (?) drop in iPad sales. What the two reports bring is the possible measurement of the rumoured bigger-screen Apple tablet.

The first report comes from the French site Nowhereelse, which has been a decently reliable source of leaks in the past. The site’s editor-in-chief obtained industrial renderings of the alleged iPad Pro (iPad Plus, anyone?) dated December 2014.


The measurements (305.7 mm x 222.6 mm x 7.2 mm) seem to corroborate earlier rumours of a device with a screen measuring 12.9 inches diagonally. Interestingly, the renderings lack the secondary port that appeared on earlier renderings and alleged iPad Pro cases.

The second report comes from UnBox Therapy. Lewis received a couple of cases that are claimed to have been made for the forthcoming iPad Pro. The cases are from two different manufacturers, but they are identical in size and, as Lewis suggests, the screen will likely measure somewhere between 12.5 and 13 inches.

The cases feature the four speaker ports, but the secondary port was missing from the rendering leaked today. While rumours suggested this could be a SIM card port, Lewis put the iPhone next to it to see if it matches the SIM card slot, but it doesn’t. In other words, we will need to wait some more to find out what surprises Apple is preparing.


  • DrDca

    This is very close to a standard sheet of paper — and as a musician, is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve tried playing from a standard ipad and it’s just too small for comfort. In this full page format, I should be able to add a foot switch and simplify all my music needs!

  • That’s awesome. There will be lots of use for these larger iPads. They will be paper thin.

  • DrDca

    Given how thick my band folder is (about 1.25 inch) thickness isn’t a big issue! Music stands have a 2 inch lip….

  • Piper

    I don’t think this is an iPad Pro. Given the fact that the new MacBook is thinner and smaller than the MacBook Air, my prediction is that this thing will be the new MacBook Air. Looks like an iPad but runs OS X.