Apple Adds New Space Grey Colour Option for Current iPad mini


Apple has quietly added a new colour option for the existing iPad mini, as Space Gray is now available online and is soon to hit store shelves, as noted by 9to5Mac. Apple didn’t explicitly state the original iPad mini would get this colour at its special event, other than showing a slide with the new lower prices.

As you can see below, has the Space Gray option available, which has been in place since Tuesday. The colour replaces the Black and Slate option, while Silver and White remains, with both shipping within 24 hours:

Screenshot 2013 10 24 20 30 08

Ipad mini gallery2 2013

The original iPad mini also saw a price drop after Apple’s iPad special event, as it now costs $319 for the 16GB model and $449 for the WiFi+Cellular version.


  • Eric

    Wasn’t it always $319 in Canada?

  • The 16GB model before started at $329.

  • Guest

    “Apple did not mention the original iPad mini would get this colour at its special event”

    Ummm … yea they did.

  • I stand corrected. Updated. thanks.

  • I just watched the keynote again. They showed the original iPad mini with its new discounted price and images of the white and black front. No specific mention of the original being offered in space gray was stated by Phil–only the retina version.

    I was right all along.

    The changes were only known for the original when Apple updated its website on Tuesday.

  • Guest

    I realized I was wrong right after I posted that. I missed the word “existing”. I tried to delete but couldn’t. Sorry.

  • No problem 🙂