Apple Airs New iPad mini TV Ad: ‘I’ll Be Home’ [WATCH]


ipad mini tv ad

Apple has aired a new holiday-themed TV ad showcasing FaceTime on the new iPad mini. A grand daughter plays her ukelele singing “I’ll be home for Christmas”, Bing Crosby’s 1943 hit, for her grandfather. The commercial shows the regular iPad next to the iPad mini.

A girl and her grandfather share a moment of holiday cheer over FaceTime.

A couple years back, Apple also aired another holiday TV ad showcasing FaceTime on the iPhone 4 titled “Under the covers”.

Now that’s a simple, yet effective ad to show off FaceTime.


  • Ken Kafieh

    What’s the point of this commercial? Show case FaceTime ? Apple use to have a better marketing approach. They would demo things that set them apart from others. “If you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have,,,”

    Now they are just settling for ads like everyone else.