Apple Announces 4th Gen iPad With A6X Processor, Global LTE, FaceTime HD & Lightning Port


Alongside the all new 7.9″ iPad Mini, Apple also announced the 4th generation iPad with Retina Display that packs a faster processing chip, a Lightning dock connector, FaceTime HD camera and supports LTE globally. Pricing and configuration remains the same as the 3rd generation iPad. Full details after the jump.

The 4th generation iPad improves on the previous version with a new A6X processor which according to Apple, is up to twice as fast as the previous-generation A5X chip, and delivers up to twice the graphics performance.

The new A6X processor features improved image signal processing that makes the photos and videos taken with the 5-megapixel iSight camera look sharper and even better on Retina display.

Other enhancements include FaceTime HD camera at the front, global LTE support and Lightning dock connector. It is available in black and white colours like the previous generation. Prices and configurations are also the same as the 3rd generation iPad.

Like the iPad Mini, 4th generation iPad with Retina Display will be available on November 2nd (Wi-Fi Only versions) with pre-orders starting on Friday, 26th. Wi-Fi +LTE versions will start shipping a couple of weeks after the Wi-Fi models.


  • Glassbase

    iPad 3 not available iPad 2 still is. Cannot believe this iPad refresh so soon.

  • dont be disappointed look at android and samsung they get new phones everyweek if your upset with apple you should be pissed with google

  • ColeTrain

    I’m completely unsure what to buy now as far as tablets go. I was thinking about getting an iPad mini because I could afford it right now, but no retina display is pretty disappointing given the price. So I think ill wait until Christmas and it’ll be between the new 4th gen iPad or the new Microsoft surface. I want the tablet for school and the thing with the iPad is I’m pretty sure iBooks still doesn’t offer much for university text books and sometimes the ebooks don’t work on safari. With the surface I could at least open a lot of my books up online. Also with the surface I would have excel which would be super useful since I’m taking accounting… Such a tough decision. Anyone has any input?

  • wuju

    Hence I’m with Apple. However, I can only afford a yearly refresh, not semi-annual. Too quick and too fast. I’m upset at this and will skip this version.

    Will wait for the next update.

  • I wouldn’t assume that Apple will be dong semi-annual refreshes of the iPad. Another possible explanation could be that they’re moving iPad introductions to the Fall, as opposed to the Spring, hence the release of the iPad (4th Generation) today. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • JMCD23

    What’s wrong with a new refresh if there’s significant improvements? I really don’t understand the issue with this. Technology is advancing quicker, great for us consumers. It’s not like you have some moral obligation to buy the latest and greatest product every time.

  • Glassbase

    Because I just got an iPad 3 on launch date and this is quicker than they’re typical yearly refresh. Had the iPad 4 released in the spring, I’d be ok with it.

  • anon

    Nah, iPad 5 will be released in March. I’d hold off on this version for now.

  • anon

    Obviously you’ll want to get MS Surface if you’re going to school. Nothing beats having a full blown MS Office 2013 on a tablet. It’s also way more versatile. The iPad apps when it comes to office don’t come close.

  • MleB1

    While I can fully understand how folks might react in regards to a ‘new product’ like the iPad Mini (for and against arguments and tech lust), I’m trying to imagine the reaction owners of a less than 6 month old ‘new’ iPad might have, having being relegated to ownership of an ‘old, slow’ pile of obsolete hardware.

    Apple has never been one to quietly slide a newer, more capable product into their lineup like others do – instead, they are loud and brash and make ‘last week’s’ model seem so incredibly old-fashioned. Of course, I understand the logic – the Macoyltes will rush the doors to upgrade from their old tech, but it does tend to irritate users who were given to believe they were acquiring new product with more than a 6 month retail lifespan.

    As for me, I’m holding onto my iPad 2 until it either kacks or the software stops working/being updated via the App Store. The, noting my business / personal uses, I’ll likely get the Mini (or whatever it’s replaced by) rather than the bigger, pricier alternative.