Share: Has Refurbished White 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 Units for $319

Share: currently has some stock available for refurbished white iPad 2 units with Wi-Fi in 16GB capacities, priced at $319. Refurbished units are good as new as they have new exterior shells and batteries, plus come with a one year warranty.

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If you’re looking for a basic and refurbished iPad 2, this might be a possible option for $319. Of course, a new iPad mini is available for only $10 more, so the choice is up to you.

With Apple set to launch new iPads in October, you might want to consider holding off on any future purchases.


  • 6ee6

    Absolutely not worth it, its hardware is already almost 3 years old, and A5 isn’t going to be top notch performer for iOS 7, $319 is too much, besides new iPads are just around the corner that will natively support ios7. This deal is a ripoff