Apple Getting Ready To Ship Early iPad Mini Pre-Orders


Apple is already preparing to ship early iPad Mini pre-orders of Wifi-only models for delivery on Friday, November 2, the official launch date for the device, according to MacRumors who is reporting with reference to a couple of its forum reports and a Twitter user from UK and Germany respectively.

Apple typically updates order status to “Preparing for Shipment” just before arranging with delivery companies like UPS and FedEx to have shipments held until the launch date.

The first wave of 16GB white iPad mini pre-orders in Canada sold out in less than 24 hours and is now showing 2 weeks availability. Similarly, the initial pre-orders for 16GB Wi-Fi models in black have now also been sold in Canada, though US Apple Store still shows availability for all black models. No estimated date for initial deliveries of Wi-Fi + Cellular models in Canada has yet been specified by Apple.

Are you seeing the updated status for your iPad Mini pre-order yet?


  • My iPad mini (ordered at 12:02 AM PDT) still says processing, but my Smart Cover shipped early this morning.

  • Mine still says still processing as well 32GB Wifi Black (ordered 8 mins after Launch )… My smart cover is still at the preparing for shipment stage .. They have lots of time to get it ready as im sure it will just ship overnight from Concord,Ont again just like the iPhone 5 .

  • Ordered a Slate iPad mini @ 3:01am EST and it is still processing.

  • Shaun

    Ordered 2 iPad Minis black and an IPad 4
    Minutes after the store went up
    My iPad 4 is preparing for shipping
    But now then iPad mini 🙁

  • Guest

    Ordered from Apple Store app at 3:00 EST. Still processing like everyone else.

    For the record, there were never any 16 GB white iPad Minis available in Canada for November 2nd. If so, they sold out at 3:00:05 when I was told two weeks. Don’t know where the author got this false information from??

  • janyyc

    Mine is SHIPPED with estimated delivery October 31!!

  • Patrick

    My 64GB White iPad Mini — with order confirmation received at 12:05 PT — says delivery Nov 21.

  • Guessing mine is pretty much ready to ship just checked my Visa acct and there is a nice little chunk missing that wasn’t missing a few hrs ago, tho it still says still processing …

  • My cover shipped today. My 64GB mini is “preparing for shipment”. 🙂

  • dude

    Note that this time around I think it is standard shipping?, where the iPhone 5 was holiday shipping.

  • Mind just changed to PREPARING FOR SHIPMENT!!

  • my iPad Mini 16gb Black & Slate says preparing for shipping orderd right at 12:01AM with mobile app

  • ojamali

    Check again. Fedex is calling it “Event Shipping” instead of holiday shipping. My black iPad minis 16 GB are still showing as Processing Items but the. Shipping method got updated to Event shipping. Looking forward to getting it on Nov. 2nd.

  • Same thing happend to me .. Funny that they have charged my CC almost a day ago but it’s still “processing” my Smart Cover has shipped already tho says it will be delivered Tuesday coming from HK

  • Acer12345

    I don’t understand why people with an iPhone and an iPad would want an iPad mini…

    This one is too small, this one too large…talk about first world problems haha.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yea good luck all….hope you aren’t subjected to flawed devices like the iphone 5’s have been. Waiting for device # 5 now…………told Apple if they get this one wrong to fuckin’ cancel my order tell my carrier to refund me the the subsidized amount and cancel Apple Care. Had enough of this shit!

  • Congrats to everyone ! I decided I’ll go to a store and see it for myself- its mini or ipad 4 for me!

  • 2 days later they have taken my money but it still “processing” going to call them and ask what the hell is going on .

  • Shaun

    Mines been on Preparing to ship for the past 2 days

  • Mines still in the processing stage tho .. At least you know yours is ready to go . All I know is there is about a $500 chunk missing on my CC ..

  • Shaun

    I doubt still that we might get it on 2nd

  • Just switched to preparing to ship now .. It will come the 2nd . It’ll be just like the iPhone 5 . It will ship the day before from Concord , ont

  • Shaun

    Did yours ship yet ?