Apple Has Shipped iPad mini Orders in Canada


Canadians have started to receive their iPad mini shipment notifications that include a UPS tracking number. Pre-orders took place on Friday, October 26th and the notifications below note they left Apple on the 28th.

Although shipment notifications note a “receive it” date of November 6th, do note Apple previously posted their iPad mini delivery estimate map that noted if you are in Delivery Zone 1, you should receive your shipment tomorrow.

As with the iPhone 5, tracking updates accelerated in the last 24 hours as packages arrived via a local Canadian destination. The later date is Apple’s way of lowering expectations if there are actual delays, which wouldn’t be surprising given the power of Hurricane Sandy.


Have you received your iPad mini shipment notification? Do remember white models aren’t shipping until mid-November and LTE models around the same time.

Thanks Jonathan and Michael for the emails! 


  • I got my shipment notification early this morning, but my tracking number still shows up as invalid. I’m in Delivery Zone 1, black WiFi so theoretically will have mine tomorrow.

  • I got my notification! I hope it arrives tomrrow!!!

  • I’m in the same boat as everyone else .. Thinkin the shipping info on ups won’t show up till around 4-5pm .

  • I have received my iPad 4 notification today. It also says that i will get it november 6th

  • BTW. iOS 6.01 came out. Check it out! Sorry for off topic

  • Same boat.

  • Olley

    Received tracking info this morning. The mini left Apple on 31st and will be delivered by 6th :S Will I get it tomorrow?

  • Mine (black 16 G) are preparing for shipment. The White 16G is still in processing mode.

  • KidApple

    Sorry — I placed a order for 1 black / 1 white — Both were placed @ 3:01AM EST / 12:01AM PST, when I ordered the units both were to be delivered from 11/2-11/6 — WHY DID THE WHITE NOT PROCESS/SHIP WITH THE BLACK???

    I ordered before they sold out!!!

  • White Wi-Fi models were at ‘2 weeks’ from the beginning for Canada.

  • Same for me. I did call yesterday and they told me the 6th is the date… I’ve asked why they billed me on Oct 27th (ordered on the 26th) if it wasn’t ship before the 1st (not usual from my past experience)… no good answer there. Worst call ever with Apple. Let’s hope for tomorrow. Btw, anyone knows how we can do a digital sign off for our parcel. Is this only available for US ? I’m not home during the day so it sucks big time since I need to sign.

  • Kid Apple

    I could have sworn I got @ 11/2 – 11/6, are you sure about this?

  • Sly

    Same boat, very strange

  • patrivard

    Like the iPhone 5 pre-order, we should see the package as being picked up by UPS around 4-5 PM today. If you’re in Zone 1, you should receive the Mini yesterday. The November 6 date is really a worst case scenario, and I’m pretty sure those Mini’s are sitting in Burlington ON since a little while now…

  • Paul

    Same here.

  • patrivard

    Tomorrow I mean! 🙂

  • Just checked ups and it is indeed in concord so we should have them tomorrow 🙂

  • They are in Concord 🙂

  • Same here. Canmore, Alberta.

  • jordanclark1993

    Yes. It was always “2 weeks”. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Olley

    woohoo! mine’s too can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • That’s what I keep saying.

    Gary Ng
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  • jordanclark1993

    Even out here in Kelowna, BC, do you think we’ll get it tomorrow? We’re in delivery zone 1, but Concord just seems so far away.

  • UPS magic happens under the cover of darkness. You’ll get it in zone 1. Just stay home and wait by the door, make sure the UPS guy doesn’t get lazy and just slap a sticker up for pick up.

    Gary Ng
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  • jordanclark1993

    Haha, thanks Gary. I’ll definitely be waiting my the door for it!

  • damn you Sparrow. don’t make me buy you.

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  • Magrat22

    Same here. Calgary, Alberta

  • Magrat22

    Lol I was wondering, was going to say are you in Australia or something 😛

  • Tracking info on my mini as of 4am this morning says; “location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada”. Status is “Out for Delivery”…. which means it will be showing up sometime today for sure!! Yayyyy!!! It’s a black Wifi model. Not too bad considering I only placed the order on the 26th of October! 🙂

  • Marty

    I ended up calling UPS yesterday because I couldn’t track it on their site. They said the number I was given was invalid and that this package didn’t exist?!?!?! and to call Apple to do an official trace. I called Apple. They are not sure what happened but admitted something went wrong as they claim everyone should be able to track via UPS site by now. They gave me a discount and promised to get another one on it’s way to me to be delivered today. We will see……

  • Harkamal

    Just wondering I ordered mine around last wed-thurs and I haven’t gotten any updates. It just told me it would arrive on nov 22nd on my checkout when I paid. Anyone know roughly how long I should expect the wait to be?