Apple Launches Retina iPad mini Sales Online, Start at $419 in Canada [u]


Apple has launched sales of the Retina iPad mini and online sales are now live in Canada, with prices starting at $419 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. Shipping estimates are at 1-3 days for Wi-Fi models and 5-10 days for cellular models:

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Users can pay $14 more for expedited shipping and have estimated delivery dates of Nov. 20-22:

ipad retina mini shipping date

Also, if you do decide to change your mind after pulling the trigger–you have until January 7 to return your Retina iPad mini:

Items purchased at the Apple Online Store that are received between November 1, 2013 and December 25, 2013, may be returned through January 7, 2014. Please note that all other terms and conditions provided in the Apple Online Store Sales and Refunds Policy are still applicable with respect to such items purchased. All purchases made after December 25, 2013 are subject to the Standard Return Policy.

Earlier this evening, rumours pointed to the launch but claimed Canada would not be included—fortunately that wasn’t true. Let us know if you’re going to order your Retina iPad mini!


  • K4

    Since I just bought the iPad Air, although I know the supply is severely constrained, but I will still wanna take a look at the iPad mini in store first and buy it whenever supply becomes available. But hey, I don’t suspect many people is going to buy the 128GB LTE version that I’m gonna buy right? 🙂

  • Probably not!

  • Madhatter

    I just bought 128GB LTE. Good for travel as you can put movies, tv shows, magazines & newspapers on. My work related apps will also go on w/o having take stuff off. Need better cover – used Apple’s flimsy cover & screen cracked on old mini – not good. Any suggestions?

  • wongnog

    Just ordered the 32gb silver and can’t wait for it to arrive! I ordered thru the apple store app on my iPhone, and there was no mention of that extended return policy. Is there’s link to it online? Thanks!

  • wuju

    Question is when will we able to buy it at retail at Apple store. Will we get it earlier?

  • eli

    Available in store today?

  • Ragavan

    Can you return the iPad Mini Retina Display purchased online at a local retail store within the return period? I have an iPad Air and just purchased the Mini to see which best fits my lifestyle.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    you have 14 days to return any ipad even if bought online (just go for return in store)

  • Darrin

    Read the fine print on the red card. Apple products are excluded. 🙁

  • peters78

    I ordered two iPad mini retina’s 64 GB Wifi, I’m getting available to ship 5-10 business days. 🙁

    Don’t know if I can wait that long.

    I also noticed that has the reservation system set up, but when you go to choose what iPad mini retina model to pick up, every store in Canada is greyed out.

    What does this mean? a) the system just isn’t set up yet, or b) no more stock available for reservations?

  • Vic

    Yes you can. Same as store purchased.

  • avonord

    No. I went to to one.

  • Nicolas Lin

    I thought the shipping date shown on the site would be later by now, but it did not. Does that mean not a lot of people are buying iPad mini retina ?

  • wuju

    Just went to the reserve online and pickup at local store and it is still greyed out as you said. Want to pick up at store if possible.

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    Where on the site do you go to find that option. I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    thanks, good to know

  • Yoemo

    If you can return it online then you can bring it in store. They just ship it out for you instead of you having to pay for return.

  • Dan

    Macrumors is saying they are only selling it online or through reservations. No walk-in purchase, not sure if it applies to Canada but there is a reservation system set up for the ipads in canada (not usually done) but it still grayed out saying unavailable for all ipads/store. If true this may really help stop the resellers from buying it all up and hording a stash for christmas rush.

  • avonord

    It’s live. Reserve while it lasts

  • Horacio A. Coronel

    Just reserved mine. I’ll pick it up after work. 🙂 Can’t wait

  • avonord

    Wow.. all the stocks (in Toronto) are now gone. That was fast..

  • wongnog

    My god I did not know that! I confirmed by checking at However even the electronics manager in the store was telling me to sign up for a redcard so it seems like the policy may not be that well known. I also wonder if their POS terminals actually prevent you from paying for an Apple Product using your REDcard, or just that their staff are supposed to know the policy…? Regardless it can’t hurt to try!

  • avonord

    You can now reserve it online and pick it up from the store today.

  • K.

    Available at BB on Friday?

  • JadeR

    ordered 64gb space grey 😀
    just wish I could have gotten in store pickup here in winnipeg

  • Patrick

    Well, I did …
    in silver. 🙂

  • Magrat22

    Has anybodies iPad left Hong Kong yet? Mines been sitting in the airport for two days 🙁